World’s First Camera Lens Calendar

I am so so so so sure a lot of people are lusting for these. Oh and clarification first. The World’s First Camera Lens Calendar is not my idea. It was what Sharad Haksar claim it to be. He is the guy who got it made. A professional photographer Sharad is.
Camera Lens Calendar
As you can see, it’s going to hurt your pocket big time though. USD2000. Ouch. And you could use it till year 2038. 29 years to go. Well if you pray hard enough for a cheaper counterfeit fake more affordable version am sure some business minded pirate would churning these babies hot out of hell.

One reply on “World’s First Camera Lens Calendar”

Hmmm… another candidate for “World’s Most Useless Inventions”

Who would want a USD2000 calendar??!! And does he not know that every digital camera already has a date function??!!

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