February 2010 is here.

Geez… look at that… August has gone by so fast.

Finally I upgraded to the current WordPress 2.9.2 after so so long. And I took the opportunity to change the whole theme too. Nice? It still need a lot of work though.
I have not been blogging for so long that I am thoroughly oxidized. My fingers are still nimble on the keyboards mind you, just like the way Chinese cured dried pork sausages dances in a wok of bloody hot oil. The problem is with my brain. I pauses and stare blankly at my new 23″ Samsung LCD monitor at every 10th of a word. It irritates me a lot. No, not at the 23″ Samsung LCD monitor but at the pace my brain is working to try and string up sentences.

The clock just struck 12. Bed time is near.
I am hungry now, though I had 3 bowls of sweet potato porridge for dinner. And knowing that I have 2 delicious homemade dumplings freezing their asses off in my refrigerator at this moment just make the rebana’s play even louder. The gasing’s will soon come into play if I keep harboring these thoughts. I have to keep reminding myself that it is for tomorrow’s dinner and not for supper. Argh.

Ok. Let me talk about something else. My CNY. Mmm… not too 1Malaysia? How about Lunar New Year? Fine. My LNY.
My hometown in particular have to endure water rationing during the LNY celebration period, when everyone goes back home to their families for joyous, riotous and sometimes restless moments. Why couldn’t the Jabatan Bekalan Air folks be a bit more sensitive and also be blesses with some foresight on the low water level issue? This is not the first time this is happening to us during this festive season. They could have foreseen this might happen, then they should have done some rationing earlier, print out notices in the papers earlier instead of doing it 2-3 days beforehand. The freaking weather offers no solace in calming anyone at all. And you morons have to do the water rationing. Pukimak bodoh.

On the eve of LNY, after the reunion dinner, during TV and catching up sessions, the power went out. Total darkness in my grandma’s house. No lights, no tv, no fan, no mood. The jokers from Tenaga Nasional Berhad wants a piece of the action and would not let the Jabatan Bekalan Air clowns have all the fun. We kept calling their help line and could not get through at all. It was around 11.25pm. We dialled and redialled but to no avail. Finally my uncle managed to get through the automated receptionist and he has to take a waiting number. #78. He too gave up. The only consolation was that only a few selected houses ushered in the LNY in total darkness, because the neighbours have electricity. They were watching their tele and eating watermelon under their KDK fans. We were fucked because we were on different power grids. We had stars, fireworks and “kong miin” lanterns to light our time under the night sky. Besides the jokers from TNB having a good time, the mosquitoes too had a feast. Power came back on at 1.30am. My hooray was shortlived as my dad called and said our house suffered power cut too. And yes, other neighbours have power. We were once again fucked because we are on a different power grid. Conspiracy!!! KNN!
We called and their van came. The technicians said that no one complained at all so they did not come. They wanted to come into our home to check. Hell no. This was their ploy to get some red packets. Bastards. We could see through you although it’s very dark and it’s 2am you punk. Then an uncle came over. He too complained in their face. They drove off and the uncle followed them on his motorbike. Chugging loudly behind them, pressuring them with each throttle in the dark moonless night. Guess what audacity they have. The excuse they gave. Haha… The first van came and they said they could not do anything because the guy with the ladder is not around. So they waited. The ladder came. But alas, the guy who is suppose to go up the ladder has not arrived yet. And the waiting game continues.
Power came back on at 5am. Bodoh.

Hey I manage to fend of the hunger for the dumplings. I relived the days of my screwed up LNY. Of course am not hungry now, the anger fills my tummy. It’s time to sleep now. Inhale deeply. Hold. Exhale. Relax.