WordPress – How to Embed FLV files

Just found a helpful plugin to display .flv on my blog. It’s another cool addition to having videos on blog without using YouTube. It’s called FLV Embed by Yaosan Yeo. I used it on my Kung Fu Panda post. Easy to use and configure.

The features available are :

  • uses simple, intuitive tags to generate FLV movies for your posts
  • standards compliant: valid XHTML
  • many options are configurable, such as autostart, show/hide control bar, player colour, poster image, full screen button etc.
  • supports text only output for RSS that prompt readers to visit the original post for Flash content
  • supports outputting poster image for RSS if desired
  • accessibility: requires Javascript to display FLV player, but will prompt user to enable Javascript when disabled
  • accessibility: prompt user to download latest Flash player if it is not installed or too old
  • accessibility: no annoying “click to activate” for IE users
  • does not touch your WordPress database at all

How to add it into your blog?
– Download the plugin at FLV Embed site.
– Unzip it and upload to your “wp-content/plugins”
– Activate it in WordPress Plugins admin panel. Done.

How to include it in your post?

That’s all. If you want to do more configuration then go check out the Options available on the site.

Relevant Info:
FLV files as explained on SWF is not the only Flash format. FLV files (Flash Video Files) are a binary file format that delivers “bitmapped” video, limited to one video and one audio stream per file, over the Internet to the Macromedia Flash Player version 7. FLV content may also be associated with SWF files by ActionScript external references. FLV format can also imported into Macromedia Flash Authoring tool. Unlike SWF format, FLV do not have maximum of 16000 frames limitation and ideally for large video file size.