Where Is My Salvation?

It rained heavily yesterday evening. So heavy that I chose to stay back in the office till 7. While I was walking towards the LRT I spotted something which made me stop dead in my tracks.

A huge rainbow swept across the sky. Never had I seen it so big and so beautiful. I felt uplifted and warm for a second or two.

Several girls were taking photos of it. Excitedly.

I wonder when will my rainbow appears. Soon I hope, for the rain that is going on inside me is beginning to subside. Unpredictable.

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sometimes i wonder why people kept saying sorry when they’ve chosen their path and do what they want to. when you’ve chosen your path, no regrets or turning back, prettysu. what are you trying to achieve by keep on telling you’re sorry? are you trying to pave a road so that when your current one screws up, you can come back to abner? it’s none of my business, i know, but will you please try to stop this nonsense?! abner’s over you and he had said it here, so please don’t try to be in the KNOW that he’s not. ok?

@qiqi, having the same view as you too. Wonder her sorry is really from deep heart or just surface meaning and very suspicious… only she knows.

qiqi & nobody,

it’s none of u guys biz here…if you knew, why bother to write…no matter wat…it’s just between us…i said it because i meant it…not trying to pretend here…for things tat you guys dont understand, please keep your mouth shut and take care of your own nonsense…before saying someone else, do think of yourself first…no one is a saint here…am not regretting and i wont turning back either…it’s just a matter of choices…lastly, u guys have no rite to critic me here!!!

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