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The Beatles Mashup : Cracked Peppers

This is a mashup project by the people over at ccc/ill chemist in conjunction with The Beatles 40th anniversary release of Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band album. Its aptly named Cracked Pepper. Quite a different feel to it and it might be able to entertain you on some boring Saturday.

You could download a sample track to listen : 01 – Cracked Pepper

I would suggest that you head over here to download the whole mashup album before it taken down.

See :

Gotta go now. Am meeting some friends at the climbing gym. Exercise ya.

Update : Dave from said there is no hurry to download as he has no plans to take it down. Hurray!

4 replies on “The Beatles Mashup : Cracked Peppers”

Hi, I’m the one who runs, the mirror linked above. Please feel free to download as many of the tracks as you like (I’m especially fond of track 5), but don’t feel like you need to rush. This mirror has been up for a while, and I have no plans to take it down. Also, my server and I are not in the US, and therefore not subject to that country’s draconian laws. I mirrored Dean Gray’s American Idiot, too, and that stayed for ages without any problem.

So enjoy!

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