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Burn – Intense Energy

I rarely take energy drinks. And I doubt that I would want to try a new Coca-Cola product called Burn. Currently it’s only released in the Netherlands. The thing that caught my eye was it’s resealable top.

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The can is opened by twisting the plastic seal. While doing this the pressure inside the can is released slowly through the smallest hole on the seal (see picture), thus preventing the soda to spray out if the can has been shaken. When you’ve had enough for a while you can close the seal with another simple twist, and you’re good to go.

Official site. I did a lot of clicking around but can’t seem to find more info. Not in English.

Speaking of cans, I saw some self-heating coffee in cans in a convenience store earlier today. A quick Google search and voila. It’s from Hot-Can. Seems like its a Made in Malaysia product.

Here is an extraction from the post on FriedChillies.

The can contains a heating catalyst at the bottom compartment containing a mixture of quicklime and water. What you need to do is to push the actuator button at the bottom of the can which crushes the seal separating the catalyst ingredients. Once mixed, the chemical reaction produces a non toxic reaction containing chalk, water and HEAT… which then heats up the aluminium can. And since aluminium is an excellent heat conductor, the heat is efficiently transferred to your cuppa as well.

And here’s more info from Wikipedia on self-heating can.
It’s not really a new technology but it’s certainly the first in Malaysia as far as I can tell. If not then it only proves the point that I have been living under the tempurung for too long. Expect a pricier tag compared to other can beverages. If not mistaken it’s around RM2.60.
Both of these products main attraction is the technology behind it. Wonder what other packaging ideas that will be unraveling real soon.