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It’s the holidays and I am all alone at home. Got tagged by SlowCatchUpKuan and why don’t I finish it while listening to
Texas’s Say What You Want on her site. Since 2008 is dawning upon us, here is some classes that I would like to sign up for.

Class #1 – How to Absorb Other People’s Power
Yeah… be like Peter Petrelli from Heroes and obtain their power just by mingling or be near to any of them.

Class #2 – How to Cook Great Tasting Food
I like to eat. I hope I can make some lip smacking ok ok… edible food and enjoy together with my family and friends.

Class #3 – How to Shape Shift
Turn into anyone or anything whenever I want. That would be useful.

Class #4 – How to Find a Magic Lamp
Metamorphically speaking it’s just like getting something I want and trying to make it come true. I need my magic lamp.

Class #5 – How to Learn More New Things
Loads of times that I am excited to learn new things but somehow or rather I am inclined to start. I need a push. I need a kick in my ass to start my motor.

Another lame 5 classes from me. Hope that I graduated from at least one or two classes from the above. Whom shall I tag? I need to scout around. List coming soon.

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I think that only 2 classes will be feasible and if you get into the other 3, you better blog about because that would be rare! 🙂

By the way, would it be too much to ask for a link love? 🙂 I’ve added yours to my list already.

Another BTW, it’s C5 (cee-five, not cee-ess).

@ ris
good. we can sit side by side. hehe…

@ c5
oh dear. my bad… hehe… sure will add your link to my linky love list. will let you know if i get into any of those classes. 😉

@ ellie
first i need a class to obtain power. ummm…

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