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Tabur East and Mad Monkeyz Gym

My fingers are a bit sore. Some cuts on my leg. But luckily the earlier headache caused by the heatwave has gone. Argh… my body is a bit stiff too. Too much activities for a day but to wrap it up with some personal comfort food… just make the day seems great.

Was up at 6 plus. Went downstairs to get myself a big bowl of soup made earlier. Suppose to cleanse the blood a little. Meanwhile I quickly stuffed my gears in the bags. Eddie called yesterday wanting to hike up Tabur East and do some rock climbing there. I had never been up Tabur East although I have went up Tabur West quite a number of times. We started around 730am. Took some runners with me and my own gears. Damn was it heavy. The hike up Tabur East is different. It’s steep most of the journey. And considerably treacherous too. Oh before I forgot, Rolly Polly said that the Tabur trail is the world’s longest quartz ridge in the world. Maybe so… I did not do any research. But if you hike up Bukit Tabur you will stumble upon a lot of crystal forms. Quite amazing really if you take time to look at them up close.

We trekked up for an hour plus, taking a few rests because it’s really heavy. The gears seems to be getting heavier with every lumbering step I took. And I knew it would be worse during the hike down. I was right. When we reached the rock tower, approximately 8+ meters tall, Eddie went up the rocks from the middle. After some surveying, we finally settled on setting up a top rope system for a 6a climb. Setting up took about 30 mins. The climbing took a maximum of 3 minutes. Including taking shameless poser photoshoots. We vowed while gripping on sharp rocks that this would be the first and last rock climbing we are going to do in Tabur.

We had lunch in Wangsa Maju area. I ate a lot. Again.

Then I suggested to Eddie that we visit the Mad Monkeyz, they are a week away from their official opening. So off we went. No one was there apart from Shang. He was bouldering alone. We walked around and checked the place out. It has been ages since I bouldered. No Summit, no boulder. Surprise surprise, suddenly the rest of the Summit gang came, all unannounced. No prior planning. All the familiar faces streamed in. I feel so good. It was great to see them again and doing the usual hand shake/sign. It was full house by 3pm.

The traversing is just crazy, and I could not even finish half a set. The overhang, the unfamiliar handholds and the lack of power… all contributed to my failure. Haha… and I kept getting cramps in my thighs and calf. Even the feet. Too late for stretches. Dang.
I completed only a few simple routes. The rest, haha…went uncompleted. I even forgot the holds, so won’t be attempting it again. I had FUN that day.

I even joined the gang for thai seafood bbq in Ampang area. It was really really good. I was not expecting to find a restaurant like that. The fried rice is just fragrant and nicely cooked. Simple, with some eggs and prawns. Look golden. Not oily too. The vegetables was ok. Fish was good, so was the squid and tom yam. The grill crab though, is yummy. It’s just simple grill over charchoals or something. Did not check. Too lazy to walk. The meat was still moist and sweet unlike the one I had in Seremban which has already dried up and a little shrivelled. Not a goodexperience at all, especially when I hear so much about it. And the fact that I have been back to the restaurant to eat 3 times within a month is enough proof. Less than 14 days  after this, I went over with Eric and Vincent after work. Very impromptu dinner. I had planned out another dinner with colleagues at this place two weeks later. Though I like it, I think I should get my paws away from seafood for a month or two. Too much cholesterol. At least not that much. I kept forgetting the name, so don’t ask me.

I just remembered a strange thing while we were hiking down from Bukit Tabur Eest. It just occurred to me. It’s a little creepy really. When we were hiking down, we heard some hammering noise. Quite repetitive. I assumed that there was some bum was trying to get some quartz back home for display or something. I made some comments off the fly. As we were approaching nearer and nearer it got a little louder. When I thought that I would see the person in action after the descend, there was none. So I thought where the hell is the guy? I thought I heard wrongly. I even doubted myself for a while thinking that it might be echoes from the construction area instead. Because we could hear the machines quite clearly from up there.

We continued walking down and less than a minute or two the hammering came back on. It was definitely from above. Loud and clear. I asked Eddie if he realized it. Judging by his response, it seemed he did. He told me to go ahead, act as nothing happened. He looked freaked too. As for Rolly, I did not ask him. He just listened quietly. Impossible for a person to hide from us, as the place has not much hiding space. It’s ravine on both sides. Trees are thin and spaced out. Behind rocks? There are no big boulders at that particular section. If it’s a human, normally they would just be there, saying hi. Won’t go to the extend of hiding. Any of you experienced that in Tabur East before? I feel spooked even now when I think about it.