Park You Lah

The run is this week. Sunday. *Blank stare* *Blank Stare*
Have not been doing any run for the past 2 weeks due to the frequent downpour. I did most of the running in lala land though. Which does me no good at all.

Anyway I am trying to get some new sounds. Sounds from Snow Patrol.

And yeah, my sentiments were correct. The parking operator down in Kelana Jaya lrt station was out to get the extra RM1 I had in my pocket. The initial ploy to scam us all was by using the pathetic excuse that the extra plot of land had been reclaimed and no longer be available for us to park our cars. Hence the reduced takings has unfortunately forced them to increase the parking price from RM2 to RM3. Although I am not too happy about it but it’s their arguement and standing by it.

Three months down the road and the fuckfaced management finally opens up the so called reclaimed land and voila… show me the money!!! Bloody fools. And nothing had been done with the extra money that they have collected from us so far. The parking experience is still as shitty as ever. Nothing new done to the premise. The spots where water lies stagnant remains. The area where the green stalks strive and play continue to expand. The mud and sand starts to form their own swamp or hills. Same old shit. No explanation given to us drivers. As usual it’s custom for many of us to sit and sulk about it. The way I am doing it now. Complaining about it online.

I could only see a new paybooth and a couple of new uniforms. But after 4 plus months, the new uniforms have already lost their crease and the collars flapping like an abandoned mongrel’s ear with grim yellow sweat stains.
A few weeks back they even had the nerve to do a promotion to have reserved parking space at a fixed amount each month. But after 11am it will be let out. What kind of idiot would get the package I would like to know. If you want a nice parking space, for god’s sake, wake up early and be there.

The new petrol price is not something to smile about. Do I hear some shithead cheering anywhere? The increase was so much higher and don’t ever be fooled by the little crumbs they leave for us to peck on. Boo…

I am hungry. Enough of this. I want to eat Hokkien mee.

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