One Unhappy Citizen

Starting tomorrow everything will be going up.
It’s going to burn holes in lots of pocket.
Bloody hell. Prices for everything will be up up and up.

A 40% hike in petrol which is 78 cents will now bring our oil price up to RM2.70. Yes, it’s still cheapest in Asia but konek other people get to buy car at cheaper price and all. I am an unhappy citizen now. Bloody fools better fill the void with something good.

I do not understand why we shall be shouldering so much for these fuckers. If any smartass from up there tells us to spend less and be a smart consumer or get a motorbike or get a bicycle, there will certainly be a riot. Heads will roll.

I want to go on but work beckons. I am still unhappy. Disgusted. Am anticipating the second hike in August. Last year went well without any hike, gone happy days gone.
Why can’t we stop subsidizing “you shitheads” and use the money on more pressing matters?

These are not my two cents, they don’t even want to use it anymore… closest will be my five fucking cents. Pundek.

News from NST Online

Some say increase Rm0.28, which will be RM2.20 tonight but hell it would still goes up and knowing that, it’s really fucked up. Whose birthday tomorrow? Surprise!!!

6 replies on “One Unhappy Citizen”

100% agree with what u said. Something shud go down for once… car price is one of them.

@ purple
my housemate just got home and she complained that the petrol stations are hanging up sold out signs and refusing to sell. bloody opportunists huh. thanks for dropping by too.

@ sc
yeah there are talks that it would be RM4 by August… or end of this year. Anyway we are screwed nicely. Shithead’s promise of not raising price for 2007 returns with a vengeance for 2008. And still he rides a private plane with his meager salary.

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