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Moshi Moshi Miyavi

Was rolling around the vast internet wetland and got myself stuck on a particular site that goes by the name Visual Kei. Their latest post is on Miyavi. Am no expert on this genre but it should be categorized as J-Rock. I actually had a brief discussion with my colleague before I made that statement. He is after all a big fan of J-Rock Kingdom and is actively involved in Malaysia’s J-Rock scene. FYI, he plays bass.

He also enlightened me on the term Visual Kei. It is something like what we would coin the Punk. It’s the image+style+attitude thingy. If you paid any attention, you will notice that their make up and hair and dressing is uniquely different. Given on a casual jamming session that is. I bet when they take on the stage, it will be all killer and no filler. No idea what it means, and yeah it came from Sum41. Damn their jamming studio is huge and the video should be a warming up session. Love the solo from the tap dancing fellow. It’s a waste that I can’t load the other videos. They seem to be missing. Am going to give it another listen for today.

PS. My J-Rock mad colleague has already shared his J-Rock collection. Might hold my horses now for I have several independent musicians on my playlist.

7 Samurais Session DVD Part 1 of 9

Watched a few more videos of Miyavi and he seems to adopt the percussive fingerstyle that McKee and Rodrigo Y Gabriela are comfortable in. The video below confirms it. Might sign up for a crash course in J-Rock, just to satisfy my curiosity.

Selfish Love

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Ah, found another human who has heard of Miyavi. Jrock and visual kei are ranked the top few in my favorite-genres-of-music list. But I’m more towards the Dir en Grey type of songs. Felt more enveloped in their songs. Neway, have a nice day. Crash course in Jrock? Hehe, enjoy.

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