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I am compelled to tell you all that I am having a blast soaking myself in the anarchy of sounds from C-Mon & Kypski, the Static Traveller album. It’s bloody good… and I needed to listen to another different genre anyway. There’s a Japanese album by Piana called Eternal Castle and might download an acoustic Korean album too if I feel like it. A jazz album is in and also Jason Mraz. He got a new single out too, a lovey dovey duet with Colbie Cailat. She was a fan and he roped her in to do “Lucky” together. But I prefer “I’m Yours”… the live version is so much better.
I have upload the second single for you guys to download… Download Jason Mraz – Lucky

Loaded most of the songs into my Samsung. Yes, I had bought the fellow and congrats to both Jun Yan and Lydia for winning their phones. They deserve it.

The 13 3/4 Adrian Mole makes me think of Justin Suarez from Ugly Betty. Especially of him going on and on about his spots. He and the intellectual in him. Not being understood by the world and all. Smarmy imp. Am already into Autumn. One more season to go.

Oh and what is the hell with the Technorati thing. It’s going up and down. Crazy. Can’t be bothered with it anyway.