Lizten Up.

Sad. To be brought down by such underhand tactics. When it does not really matters.
She could have tried the “It looked like me. It sounds like me. But am not sure if it’s me.” Get 2 experts in for verification.

Nah… she bloody well know it’s a waste of time. Morons would take that path to further delay the reckoning that was to be. The 2 experts would feel so idiotic. I know I would. 5 minute spent on the poor quality video would be enough to reach a crystal clear conclusion. I expect they get ridiculous amount of money for being expert on that case. Come to think of it, what ever really happened.

I wonder what else her nemesis have up their sleeves or was it really an act of a spiteful ex. What did he gained from exposing his previously treasured personal artifacts. To shame her when all his blackmails for money and sexual favors got turned down? To gloat when he sees close ups of his ex splashed across the local prints when he walk pass the friendly neighborhood vendor? Is that suppose to earn him pats on the backs and get free rounds of beers among his peers? Free flow of peanuts and “You are the man!” shout outs? Talk about sleeping with the enemy or musuh di dalam selimut or similar crap. Or is there a hidden agenda? Where is the big picture? I am not liking the shit the media feeds me. Or is the media themselves being fed crock load of shit? Apparently the voice of the people accounts for very¬† little things. Power of the people being silenced slowly. Now we know what they do day in day out. It’s good as anybody’s guess.

It seems using the sex channel, many outspoken individuals in this country are being ousted and backbenched. Sensational. Truly front page materials. No other pressing matters at hand than showing pictures of people sleeping? If you badly want to enjoy photos of respected individual a clown sleeping shamelessly at international conventions and important meets there are so much out there. Ridiculous and utterly disappointing. Wonder if the leaders of other countries took photos and MMS to their ministers and family for a instant good laugh. I would place bets on how long it took for the clown to fall asleep. Pukimak-lah. Enough said.

Lastly, motherfucker, great job for taking the photos ya. Spend the money wisely. Times are bad. And don’t forget to share the story of your magnanimous deed another 30 years down the road with your grandchildren sitting on your fragile old bones with your dick playfully tracing their tender derriere crack line. Bastard. Hey if you do have your own children, make sure you tastefully capture nude incriminating Kodak moments of them when they are young and innocent… document till they are old enough to question your actions. Take it as an insurance policy where you can blackmail and threaten them when they want to send you away to senior citizen’s garden or force you to sit away from the dining table and use a coconut shell for a bowl.