Knock Knock No One’s There

Chattering and laughters boomed from the customer service department as I walked in. That is the only area buzzing with activities on a Monday morning. A handful of racketeers has already huddled together trading stories and opinions. Ignored them. My smart ass remarks will come later, after I get some breakfast, and it was Cantonese-style Yee Mee and Deep Fried Spring Roll today. Never laid a finger on the Tapioca Pudding/Cake. Never tried. It just don’t look friendly enough to be introduced to my system.

Planted myself with a loud bang against the partition and eyes darted in my direction. A weak smile and started poking at my food. The yee mee is a bit on the salty side and I had successfully managed to throw on my plate a compact mess of noodles, it lies there in dead calmness. Just like how a dead talapia would look, baking itself in a puddle of murky water, in this case my carrot and spring onion littered gravy. Fished for loose noodle ends from that pool and swallowed. Chewed on the thick mess but gave up soon after. I always kept food wastage at a minimal but today was not that day. So I headed for the bin, picking up the momentum whilst hoping that no one would notice me slamming a plate of noodles down. Two meters away from dump site and my boss appeared. I smiled. Looked happily at my food and poked it once. He went pass soon after a word of morning. Glanced left and right… coast is clear. Slam dunk!

The Score
Abner – 1
Cantonese Yee Mee – 0

New plate. 4 pieces of spring rolls. Re-enact the sit, bang on partition scene and munched. This time my ears cocked up on certain keywords and try piecing the stories they are exchanging. It seems my colleagues are tuned into some mild Tales from the Crypt and are quite excited about it. Well, for the guys that is. Apparently 3 of my colleagues was at work yesterday, a Sunday, from 11am – 3pm… 2 girls (i am being kind here) and a guy. They claimed to have heard noises and one of it being the sound of typing on a keyboard originating from my place or near my place. I sit in the far end of the office corner. It freaked them. The fact that the elevator was going up and down dinging and donging on a Sunday afternoon was not comforting. The last straw came when presence was felt sweeping across the small room. She felt as if someone was leaning inches from her cheek. They decided that they rather get screwed by the boss today.

I noticed that the two girls had puffy eyes today. Wonder if they were kept awake by the incident or …

Anyway, where their story ends is where we began. We add spices. Or one might prefer the word comforting them. Relayed to them that how lucky they were that they do not have printer or photocopy machine in there with them. What in the world would happen if the machines went about working on their own. About ‘them’ crawling out of 15″ monitors and getting stuck when they could choose the new 19″ Dell LCD Flat screens.  Or how your colleague turned out to not be your colleague when they answer your calling by twisting their heads 180 degrees back to talk to you in deep hoarse voices.

It seems that sounds of tapping on the Customer Service glass door with no one in sight is common. Oh and several of us flipped our punch cards to blue which is for the latter part of the month but only to come to work to find it in red. The girls are sure they left it in blue and they were the last to leave the office. I was puzzled today too, to find my card showing the red part. I remembered flipping it to the blue when I left on Friday night. And I was the last few to leave too. I am sure I won’t be the last few to leave today though. It’s still the Hungry Ghost month.

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The story of typing sound was happened to my ex-office too. My colleagues who worked overtime often hear that voice. One of them also told us a story that one day when he took overtime until 9pm, he saw our other colleague sat in front of him. Our office desks were arranged in lines. So, the person who sit in front of you is backward after you. Seeing, that he was not working alone, he called her and talk to her. She didn’t answer and look around at him. The next morning, he asked to her what time did she go home last night. She said that she went home on time….So, whom did he speak with last night?…

9/15, Monday, is a ghost day. Financial market was at the brink of meltdown. Before the Friday (9/19) closing bell, Dow Jones managed to jump back almost 400 points. Dow managed to regain total 0f 800+ points on Thursday and Friday, made up the 800+ point was lost on Monday and Tuesday. This all thanks for Secretary Treasury, Paulson, and Fed. Chairman, Bernanke, managed to act at the crucial moment to inject some confidence back into the stock market. You may ask how bad it could be. It could be very bad. We may not be able get any cash from any of the ATM machine in U.S. This may happen to the countries around the world if their respective central banks didn’t inject liquidity into their markets. It was the most horrific and historic week in my life. What was the cause for the whole turmoil? The cause(s) are greed, lack of transparency, regulation, waste and inefficiency in organization. Greed is the root cause of the failure of Laissez-faire.

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