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Joseph Arthur + Frank Bell

This is the initial musician that I wanted to blog about right before Damien Rice hit me again.
I only have three song of his on my playlist and Echo Park is one that I like a lot. In The Sun is a popular song from Joseph Arthur which gets a lot of exposure in TV Series like the L Word, Scrubs and bla bla bla.
Diverse artist with different styles and always experimenting. Well the fact that he is also an artist and sculptor just made me raise my brows just a wee bit. I am hooked on most of his older songs. The newer ones I think I need some adjusting too. Oh Joseph Arthur does reminds me of John Lennon + Noel Gallagher.

Echo ParkLive

Another song I would love you guys to check out is Honey and The Moon. It’s a song featured in The O.C. Pardon the video feed though the audio is quite good.

Honey and The Moon + In The SunLive at Double Door

Thought I slip in a video by another unknown artist… at least in this part of the world. He is Frank Bell. According to his biography written by himself, it states that he is a model, cellist (plays the cello), guitarist, singer-songwriter, artstar, chef, humanitarian and friend. Quite another multitasker we have in hand here eh. Just take a listen… his rendition of “The Penguin” here is more mellow and laid back. Aaa…

The PenguinLive

Everyone knows that penguins can’t fly, so I slide away…

Actually the reason I added it in because it has a personal joke that I share with my gf.

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