Human Calendar®

I added another new widget in my blog. It’s the *drumroll* Human Calendar *tadaa*
It’s the second baby project of Craig Giffen. His first was the Human Clock.

It’s cool and it’s new. Do check it out if it interests you. There is 4 sizes to choose from.
Here is what Mr. Craig has to say about his calendar models :
All of the “models” are various homogeneous friends of mine who happened to find themselves near my garage between April-July 2007. Granted, most were lured with beer, food, lodging, or in one case…meat. Nearly everyone is from Portland, Oregon with the occasional person from Saipan or Sacramento thrown in for good measure. Some people are in bands, a couple are writers, one person was in an episode of Murder, She Wrote, while another person accidentally murdered Kelly Ripa’s pet sea monkeys when she was 12.

What a bunch of interesting characters.

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@ slowcatchupkuan
well, mostly all cari makan one… hehe…

@ xes
no le. afraid not. well you could come out with your own coding if possible. then i sure change to yours. hehe…

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