HKFixed on MILK…again

It seems these guys are getting some buzz around town lately. And with the launch of the MASH-SF DVD (documentary on urban fixed gear riding). Calvin just sent me some scans he got from the latest issue of MILK magazine. I did not include huge ass scan files cos I did not see any clicks on the previous ones. If any of you are interested to have them in huge ass files to view, let me know. I will kindly oblige. As for now, here’s the scans in micro size.

And yeah, I got some stickers from Brian of HKFixed through snail mail. Will snap some photos of it when I get my camera back tonight.

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I’ve seen the name HKFixed many times but I have absolutely no clue what that is. =/ Want to fill me in? All I know is that it’s related bikes but yeah that’s kinda obvious. lol

@ carmen
nice seeing you here now. well HKFixed is made of two guys who are into fixed bikes.
Fixed bikes are bikes which have their pedals and rear wheels anchored by a single gear. To stop the bike, you use your legs to put pressure on the pedals to stop moving. No hand brakes needed here.
Check out more here : HKFixed First Post

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