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Hike : Gunung Lambak, Kluang

Here is how I unwind during my long break back in my hometown. On 23rd December we went hiking in Gunung Lambak. My second time this year. Woke up at 730am and met Ah Hon at rendezvous point at 8+. It started to drizzle when we started but stopped after a while. My Crocs® is getting a bit too old now as I have put it through a number of hikes and caving expeditions. Haha… But still did not get to bring it for a white water rafting ride, my reason to get it in the first place. Sigh… rafting getting a bit expensive.
Anyway we took about an hour plus to the summit and a wee bit more to get down. It was quite steep and the wet muddy condition made it worse. The girls got their pants quite soiled. Nothing Dynamo can’t fix.

A lizard egg.

The rest of the gang. We have to use the ropes to aid in our ascent and look out for slippery mossy rocks. Loose ones too. This part here is considered the hard part. About 15+ mins to cover this part.

View from the top.

Me hanging on a rope. Yeah… I do lame signs too.

Eee… dirty dirty. Hehe…

12′ long millipede.

Had nice curry noodles and barley for breakfast. Attacked mum’s homecooked ‘mee siam’ when we reached home too.

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Hey hey, may i know where did u get ur rubber shoe??? Desperately need it!! I’m from PJ. Dont mind to give the location of d shop?? Help~~~ Thanks 🙂

@ tetsuya
do you mean the pair of green Crocs that i am wearing? if it is so, then you can get it at a lot of places… the Curve has a Crocs outlet with loads of design and accessories.

To tetsuya, I would recommend u buy this black colour shoes that a lot of hikers wear. My friends and I call it Kampong Adidas because of the three stripe design at the side. And its fondly called “kampong” because it cos me only RM7. A normal adidas cost above SGD100, and the green crocs is sold for more than SGD50. Kampong adidas has rubber spikes on the sole (good friction) and is made entirely of the same material(easy to wash), and has no stiches or cloth(durable). Alot of climbers i met that day during my climb wore it too. It is sold at the cheap shoe shops at Kluang or at Endau Rompin.

I went up to G.lambak on 11 dec 2008.

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