Good to be back

It’s good to be back online. My bandwidth usage exceeded it’s limit last month. One of the blogs hosted on my server generated too much traffic that it brought the curtains down on the rest of the blogs. It’s amazing that only one single post was able to do that, but of course it was through the tagging on StumbleUpon that made it all happen overnight. has not even come close to have 500 First Time Visitors but on Week 29 itself, the Tuzki Icon on managed to get 82,664 First Time Visitors. Bloody hell… what is a freaking crazy figure. And one post alone. The madness eventually delivered coup de grace on my normal hosting package.

Nothing prepared me for it although I kept getting emails informing me of my domain is about to exceed it’s bandwidth limit. Final straw came on July 28th with the title… The domain has reached it’s bandwidth limit. Dang.

So may I ask any of you how should I keep it in check. Hopefully the craze will not last and the figure has dwindled to about 3k plus before we went offline.

On the other hand, it’s Hungry Ghost month and I am tempted to share some encounters here. Just did so with my colleagues.

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Hi Abner,
Nice to see you again. What is Hungry Ghost month? You mean Halowen?…I like to hear spooky story though I’m afraid. So, I’ll wait for your post.

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