Food Friends

Food and Friends – Part 1

That’s a really good combination if you ask me. And that’s what I was up to most of the weekend. In short, it was a lip smacking weekend. But this post will not have any photos yet because my camera is in Taiwan now and will be back on Tuesday. So I am waiting for my friends to send them over to me. Did I mention that evil@lai was kind enough to let me meddle with her Nikon DSLR. Yeah, it was my first time handling a DSLR for more than 5 minutes. I like the sound of it capturing the moment. *click*

Saturday and Sunday really had me all over the place. The time I spent at home was just to sleep. I was out most of the time and if I was home it was just 30 minutes plus, where I bath before I rushed out again. Everything was scheduled back to back. I was spiritually involved in the KL Freeze which happened yesterday at 8pm if you count sleeping as freezing. Had an early dinner at 6pm and got home before 8. Lay down and just dozed off. I was that tired. I had nearly 12 hours of sleep and guess what I am getting a day off work today too.

I am planning to go check out the Beijing 2008 Olympic Torch Relay : Malaysia which is sponsored by Samsung. Am stringing a friend along for the event. Hope to get some shots down together with my i450 phone. Hope to see some of the BlogMobbers there. But first I am going to bath and then head over the the Income Tax Office to get my password. I forgot mine. And am left with 2 chances of unlocking it. Don’t want to get suspended. Another busy Monday ya.

Happy working!