Entrecard – DIY Design and Advertise FOC

Thought of getting your own banner and advertising it on other blogs for free?

Well I did but could not find an easier approach to doing so. All that changed just now when I dropped by Merdurian’s blog. She had just gotten herself an Entrecard. It’s where you can drop your online name card at other Entrecard member’s site. Earn credits through networking like visiting other blogs and dropping your cards. I am still exploring the possibilities with this thing.
She claims that it generates quite some traffic for her. Let me relay my update on that by the end of the day.

My current card. Click.

I have gotten 8 adverts so far. Still low on credits though.

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try installing the widgets with those social website e.g. stumbleupon like the ones i have in my website. i tagged one page of mine and i had 50 hits in one day!

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