End Of The Year

It’s already the end of 2008.
I suffered so many bombings, that even the strongest bomb shelter would have caved in. The first one went off on 22nd November and the last one to officially go off was on Christmas day itself. In that one month span, I was served 8 red bombs. With one being a green one.
Too much of wedding dinners for me. Too much of joyous celebration with shark fins, prawns, chickens and fish with the occasional appearances by abalone and fresh scallops.
Anyway I would like to express my heartiest congratulations again to all the newly weds. Congrats!
Already I have one set for April and one in June next year. Gee wheez I can’t wait. Am sure I would have recovered by then.

Oh and the other thing… having a corn or chicken eye (cantonese translation) growing on the toe hurts like a bitch. I can’t walk properly let alone run. Been shying away from outdoor activities for a while now and am feeling sick. I need to get out in the sun. Tried using a liquid solution from Scholl and it did not seem to work. My brother recommended me to get a plaster type medication with a Carnation in front. I have to wait to see the results. Another 4+ days to go. Let’s hope I make the eye go blind.

And go give BFM 89.9 a listen to. I am loving it so far although the songs seems to be too repetitive but the content they are delivering is good. Am sleepy now. Time to go.

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