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Disney Mplayer by iRiver

I got this in my email the other day. Guessed a lot of you have seen this but this little charmer enticed me enough to find out more about it. A quick search was made and at first I got an image of a normal mp3 player plastered with a Mickey logo. WTF… wrong channel.
After some random clicking I found Gizmodo, a tech guide site which gives out more details. This high tech Mickey is said to hold 1G of songs and about 3cm in size. Available in black, white, blue , pink and silver.
Concept sketch by iRiver.

It looks kinda cute and cool to me and I dare say quite a number of people would be interested in having one of them. Its like a fashion accessory + tech gadget put together. The Mplayer looks good to me cos I like simplicity of the design. But I am afraid I would break off those ears accidentally.
Alas, from Gizmodo – “Disney commissioned iRiver to make the player for their Hong Kong amusement park and for retail in South Korea, though if sales go well enough iRiver hinted that Mickey might sneak into other regions.” Looks like it might not reach Malaysia just yet. But you could always make a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland don’t you? Or better still to South Korea. More reason to go travelling huh. 🙂

See more pictures at iRiver : Disney Mplayer by iRiver

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So… cute!!!! ppl these days… first the mickey hp n next they’re gonna have a mickey mobile! but it’s uber cute… the only thing missing is a LCD screen… ipod is still the best!!!

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