Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan

Damn. I wanted to post about a different singer for this weekend but I just had to be seduced by the waves of emotions from none other than Damien Rice. Been listening to him for years now and the first and only song that I had Ghost in the title. Downloaded it randomly and it stayed. Then Sponkers brought me Damien’s O album which became my emo album of the year with hits like Volcano, CannonBall and Blower’s Daughter. My personal favorites are Cold Water, Older Chest and Cheers Darling. You can count on him to lay a warm blanket of sadness with a fluffy depressed plush bunny tucked neatly under your head, making you feeling all warm and fuzzy.

The beautiful soothing voice complimenting Damien’s rougher tone is of Lisa Hannigan. Sadly though I read they had split and went separate ways. I am too comfortable now to go find out what happened. Here is my favorite being played live. FingerNailsInMyEye probably would enjoy them.

Cold Water Live

And another newer one from Damien’s 9 Crimes album.

Rootless TreeLive from Abbey Road

Check out all their videos in YouTube. Tell me if you like them. If you don’t, then shut up and go play else where. Yup, their songs are getting to me.

Argh. I can’t stop. This you must give a listening too. It’s Volcano but in a different version from the album O. Much more upbeat, energetic and the way everyone is gyrating and enjoying every moment of it… like each is in their own world… just beautiful as the voice plainly creeps in at the end. I just love the way Lisa is moving with her hands in her pockets. Remind me of someone who loves doing that too. Hee…..

VolcanoLive from Abbey Road

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Haha… you do know what kinda voice I like eh. Of course, I’m more towards guy’s voice. Love Damien Rice’s. First time I heard someone singing out ‘Fuck you’ so selamba case. I had to check the lyrics to check out what I heard was correct. Lol.

@ lai
glad you enjoyed it ya lai. hope your sis don’t complain that you are killing her with it.

@ fimelime
i was hoping that it might suit your taste since you seem to cross me as a bit emo every now and then. hehe…

@ sc
alas, you grace me with your presence dear. and hey, i checked out the dessert place you told me. never told me you were going on saturday afternoon. 😛

abner, it was rather unplanned..dragon was doin her hair nearby and decided to pop over. when we reached, KC called and said he’s around PJ and wanna come.. so we just met..that very suddenly..

I saw the video Live from Abbey Road, at first I thought it was sleepy-head song, but then the F*ck you in lyrics amazed me. This is such a wonderful song, it made me reminisce things happened in my life. 🙂

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