Click Click for Tips

Hola everyone. I have just got a new feature activated in my blog. Any of you noticed? It’s AnswerTips™ developed by

How it works?
Just double click on any words that you prefer. A small pop up will appear with the explanation. It’s an instant dictionary minus the fuss. Click at any words on my blog and tadaa…
Setting up is easy peasy. Interested to have it installed on your blog? Dang… I wish I was getting paid for this. Here goes : Blogger Portal

2 replies on “Click Click for Tips”

@ mike tee
haha… bro, it was meant to be peasy. in face i did click on that word when i tested it. did not expect anyone else to do the same as response on the post were like none. anyway the word pussy could very well fit into my sentence. and how come i don’t see you at summit anymore? busy?

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