Celebrate Earth Day with RDM Cuba

Just can’t resist myself from posting these songs, coincidentally it’s Earth Day so here is a compilation music that I overheard last week while hanging out with R in Coffee Bean. I loved the songs so curiosity gotthe best of me and I walked up to the counter and asked them what was playing. The guy told me it was called Rhythms Del Mundo Cuba. Went to the back and got me the CD cover.

A very small portion of the CD sales will go to APE = Artist’s Project Earth – the climate change awareness and disaster relief charity. Packaging is made out of recycle material, obviously. Then there are a few mini articles inserted inside.

Let the music do the talking. I am posting 2 videos. There is nothing much to see, but listen to the different version of the songs. First is by Coldplay – Clocks and the second is by Maroon 5 – She Will Be Loved
Hear them. Love them.
Here is the original site :
You can get the music CD in Tower Records. I have already checked it out.

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hi friends,

how can i keep in touch with all of you… cos u hav lots of activities and funs…
wish to join you….
cheers, jason

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