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What do you get when you mix Pantone® colors with the Rubik’s Cube.
You get Rubitone of course!
A concept by Ignacio Pilotto, an industrial designer. I have no idea where he is from, but he sure speaks Spanish. Correct me if I am wrong. I like the hybrid result but alas it is not intended to be a commercial product. Never fear or give up hope my dear friends, for all you know, some understaffed, child filled, illegal plastic factory with atrocious working environment smacked right in some Asia country may already be churning out original pirated versions of Rubitone. Such actions fails to take me by surprise anymore. Raised my eyebrows a little, admittedly yes.

He is rolling my man. Love to see more designs.


Amazon Japan – Custom Shipping Box Robot

Don’t think the little fellow here can transform. Hehe… but what if he does?
It’s a robot toy commissioned by Amazon Japan. It would be on sale in December and going for USD15. Another gift idea for Xmas huh.

“This collectors toy is a customization of original Revoltech Dunboard figure, from the manga Yotsuba, produced by Kaiyodo and designed by Azuma Kiyohiko (of Azumanga Daioh fame) and Yotsuba Sutazio.”

I googled Yotsuba and it seems like a worthwhile manga to read. Wonder if I could get online scanslations version of it.

Design Toys

Paper Craft – Toys From Pulp Part 1

I noticed there has been a surge in paper toys lately. No it’s not the Japanese origami. The ones I am going to rave about is on a whole new different level. Some are quite simple while others are really complicated which has mechanical parts. I bought a few paper toys on my previous trip to Bangkok. Some cute cartoony ones. I am after all a noob. But I am shining the spotlight on some old school Paper Crafts. And in abnerd’s old school term it means robots and space crafts. You are in luck if you dig Transformers, Star Wars and Star Trek. Tagging along you will find a stray Valkyrie (Macross), Delorean (Back to the Future) and some action figures. The Star Wars and Star Trek paper art goes back from 2002. You can download their “blueprints” and print, cut and glue away!

For some Transformers and action heroes, click here.

For Star Wars and Star Trek, click here.

Most of them are in PDF format. If you don’t plan to spend your weekend cutting and gluing at least check out their gallery. Cool.
As for me, I will stick to Level 1 paper toys first. Tried helping my gf on this and it’s er… challenging.

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Design Toys

Star Wars Action Figure Collection

Saw this while waiting for my rendang and would be best to share with you his Star Wars Collection, in pixel format!

In the words of Joshua Budich :
“I’m a voracious collector, mostly of toys, and namely Star Wars action-figures. To commemorate the recent completion of my collection, I undertook this huge illustration project, not only to take stock in what I had, but also to share some of my joy of collecting with others.

Let me know what you think. Thanks!”

Well, I let you know what I think Joshua… it’s f*cking crazy. I am not a huge fan of Star Wars but your work and dedication truly amazes me. For those of you who collects Star Wars toys, head over to his site and check out his collection. I could only identify a few of the characters in pixel (less than 5) . How many can you recognize? Good luck straining your eyes…
Delve into his root of madness if you want to understand why he did what he did over some molded plastic.

(via LCS)

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HKFixed : Scans from MILK… supposedly

This is a follow up of my previous Hong Kong Fixed Gear Crew : HKFixed blog post.
After much bugging, Calvin Che from finally sends me the much awaited scanned images. It seems that a popular Hong Kong lifestyle/fashion magazine MILK got them for an interview. I am unable to read chinese, only simple characters so you are on your own.

Click the for larger image.

Ok. If you are looking at the red shoes and wondering why would he be folding up one side of his jeans… it’s because he don’t want it to get stuck in the chainwheel and getting oil on it too. Right Cal?
Cheers HKFixed!

Check this out :
HKFixed The Official Site

See also the anatomy of a bicycle. Image taken from City of Toronto website.

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Cheer Bear Glitter Series

Finally I got my hand on a Cheer Bear from the New Glitter Glow-A-Lot series. Yup its a plush toy that glows. A cute one to boot. When I got it I had doubts that it was a fake as I could not find it in the PlayAlongToys website. They had a Glow-In-The-Dark Cheer Bear but the design are different without the ribbon on the head, the rainbow across the chest is bigger, the colour was light pink and the eyes were different. Damn… It had me going into a search frenzy in Google and what a relief when I finally saw it staring back at me from the screen. The same Cheer Bear I had in my arms.
Got this from
Check out the gif animation I did. It might take some time to load though.

For those of you who wants to get hold of a Care Bear figure, it’s kind of hard to get it in Malaysia as I have tried going to quite a number of departmental stores and toy shops but came out empty handed. Well can’t blame them because Care Bears series has not been aired on our TVs for a long time. This will be a present for dearest. Mission Extract Care Bear has been accomplished and the secondary mission is to launch a surprise. How shall I present it? Mmm.

Note: Was interrupted during this posting by housemate to catch a cockroach. Kill! Kill!

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Transformer : Bumblebee Recycled

This is way sick… the way this fellow WonderDasher, did to his recycled packagings. Check out his process. Though its not that detailed but it’s still a good read. Am sure his upcoming projects will be archived in a more descriptive manner. Keep a tab on him. His site is mainly in Chinese but this project has translation.

The final ‘product’ Transformers : Autobots Bumblebee

Friends Toys

Wedding Unazukins

Finally one of my friend got hold of a pair of Unazukins as a wedding present. Direct from Japan. How appropriate. Ain’t it cute. Hoyoyi told me she got one too. An Unazukinn bride mobile hanger. Anyone else?

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