Samsung i450 Technology

Skin Me Alive

Tomorrow will be a busy day for me.
The Samsung event will be in the evening inclusive of dinner. Ms. B even reminded me not to have anything before I go for the event. Don’t worry… I have never in my life had my dinner so early. Haha… ok… that was me trying to be a smartass.
Just set a reminder to get some dough out in order to purchase the Samsung phone that had been placed in my trust for review purpose. Never had I considered getting a Samsung phone but a month with it… and little discoveries here and there, it kind of got me smitten with its features. And the slick design and ability to add in external memory made me like it even more. My old abandoned phone does not have any of it… and though it never crossed my mind to change my SE phone… I used to have this thought that I won’t get a new one unless the old one dies on me. Frankly, when I got the Samsung phone, I was still holding on to that belief. It lingered and twirled around for the first two weeks before I start to warm up to the phone. Yeah, the product has got me snared.
And being a trustworthy traveling companion throughout this period, the little fellow has got me quite dependent on him/her. I have yet to ascertain it’s gender.
I did try the Adobe PDF function, but the documents that I had were not mobile friendly… all the scrolling and zooming in and out irked me. But one thing for sure, it sure is handy.

I finally found a theme maker that supports most Nokia Symbian S60 but Samsung i450 is not listed in there. I tried downloading a theme made for Samsung i400 | Smile Theme and bluetooth from my lappie to my phone. After installation and voila… it works! Now my phone has a girly inside with a macho outlook. Haha…

It’s an online version though, the search for a stand alone application proved to be an arduous task.
Go check it out at
I got myself signed up in just under a minute. The theme maker is in Flash, so make sure you have a good stable connection and latest Flash player. The GUI is straightforward but once again I have yet to really give it a test drive. It has a lot of icons to play around, background to change… in short a helluva customization if one really want to bury themselves inside.

The member lobby. Haha… yes, I purposely did a screenshot with the girl in the center. Looks damn inviting and certainly got some eyes wandering and straining don’t it?

Here is the playground. A lot to meddle with. All the sizes are shown, so if you have some Photoshop skills, it will make things easier for those little icon work. Build your own little pixel world.

Food Friends Photo Samsung i450

I Have Been Working Late

Yup, been working late and hard and so far no paranormal sightings from me. Not that I am welcoming any. *Touch Wood*

Sorry for not updating lately.
I have been tied up with loads of work. Precisely… freelance work. A sudden influx of work demand just came rushing head on, and I did what I know what I should do. I took it head on of course. So I am kind of juggling several projects at once in a time frame of 2-3 weeks. I have already got the money to buy the Samsung phone. I figured I won’t be able to win it anyway… and the hectic schedule has robbed me of my blogging pleasures. No choice.

Have been using the phone a lot and somehow or rather and I can’t escape the idea of it being some kind of lucky charm or amulet, given the things that are going on lately. Am enjoying it really. Work is tiring as usual but it has took a turn to being fun too. The regular meetings with new clients and all. My housemates are seeing me less and less lately, even on weekends. Though I am sure I am not missed yet. Haha…

Oh and I am picking up reading. Nope… not again. I never had the real habit of reading. But what can I say… I am only on my second book in a period of 2 weeks. Nope… I don’t do it on my normal time. If I have some normal time to spare, I would be blogging. Yup. Honestly. Instead I am reading once I step foot in the LRT compound. Surprisingly, the commuting time seems to fleet by me as I am engrossed and swimming freely in the sea of words. Just freestyle, I can’t do breaststroke, water treading let alone butterfly stroke. The first book was The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom. A 194 Page – #1 New York Times Bestseller. A not so thick and intimidating book that stir up my interest in carry on reading while I take the train home. Together with my i450+Bang & Olufsen sound technology loaded with my current favourite songs, I look forward to my daily commute. Now I am on to my second book, by Mr. John Grisham. The Partner… I am at a chapter where Mr. Patrick S. Lanigan had got himself hauled back to Biloxi and the court drama will ensue. Gripping. Entertaining. Am taking it all in. Delicious. My hunger for good reading material is growing. Food4Thot can I borrow some books to read?

Gotta stop here. Work is beckoning at the top of their lungs.

Here are the bake a cheesecake session. I had a great time there and I just did the easy work. Some manual labor here and there. Best cheesecake I ever had… be it hot or cold. Cold is much better. But I ate 3 pieces when it came out of the oven because I know I would never get to taste hot cheesecake outside.

Ops… I got some photos jumbled. Not in sequence ya. I forgot the term for what I was doing. If not mistaken, Qiqi is folding. Mmm… some help here sis?

It’s obvious we are feigning help.

I like this pic too.

The process had me all wide eyed. Hard. My hand motion is slightly retarded. Again, it’s jumbled. Qiqi doing the honors.

Beautiful. Looking at it, I seem to be able to catch a sweet whiff of seduction.

No wastage. Scrape of what’s left on the butter paper.
Last but not least… exaggeration. Haha…

evil@lai took the pictures, so she was missing. We are looking forward to some shepard pie and hang around till we finish dinner. Early June?

Media Photo Samsung i450

Olympic Torch Relay – Malaysia Pix

Finally I managed to extract the pictures taken last Monday. The crowd was huge.

Nice bike.

Samsung girls…

Me and Samsung i450. Did not realize she was in the background.

Torch bearer

Exchange of the Olympic torch

She said “Welcome To China!” …

Wanted to start another post for these photos… but what the heck. Let’s put it up all here.

This was the roadshow Samsung held in KLCC

I saw a lot of new models thats yet to be released. Very nice…

Got 2 of the girls to pose for me. One of them was my colleagues friend so it was easier to approach. Hehe.
Ale… my climbing friend.


Haha… sorry… I need head count. 😛

Samsung i450 Technology

Abnerd does i450

So more than half a month has gone by and I am starting to get to know the Samsung i450 better. Everyday I get to learn some new applications or functions thats hidden here and there. No, I don’t read the manual. Yet. It’s more like learning through experience. When am really stuck…there’s the internet.

Let me go through the ones that I use the most. That would be the basic functions, calling, messaging, listening to music, taking photos and jotting down to-do notes.

Since I got this phone, I have been making loads of calls and it shows. My phone bill this month has already exceeded the RM200 mark. Wow. My record so far. And let’s hope it stays uncontested for days to come.

When I make a call, the reception on my side is apparently quite clear and no disruption. Unfortunately that was not the case on the other side of the conversation. My mum especially was quick to point out the flaw, but I was doubtful at first cos older people… hearing not so good… *sorry mum* But when my brother and friends too complained about the breakage and disruptions, I was convinced. Tried plugging in the handsfree set but it was the same. Any of you guys having that problem?

As for the messaging, it needed a little bit of getting used to. After 2 years churning out smses on my SE K700i, having a different messaging system to explore was fun. I liked the fact that I get to “Add Recipient” before I start texting. This would prevent from sending a message to the wrong person. With Predictive Text @ T9 turned on, it was a breeze. The * and # made my life easier too with their extra functions. Even more cooler was the Copy, Cut and Paste function.

I never played with those before, and now I send contact numbers or web address by just copying and pasting. No more retyping. Sending a message while driving is a bit more difficult and the flat keypad makes it harder. Being a lousy multitasker, I try not to reply any smses when I am driving. And luckily no “mata-mata” has caught me in the act. Have just sent out an Audio Message, do not know if it works. I sounded funny.

I am using the To-Do Notes extensively. Currently I have 7 things I need to complete. Top in the list is to train and get a mean core muscle. Haha… Others are meetings, appointments and things to settle. Had the habit to list them down so I don’t have to keep remembering them. Details are displayed in one single interface unlike my old phone. I like it. Much much.

I really dig the dual slider design. The horizontal interface of the player is amazing. The sound quality is no doubt excellent. It’s like having my own compact Bang & Olufsen in hand. Scrolling through my songs with the touch control is totally rad. Songs are sorted in different categories and I could choose to play them All at once or by Albums, Artists, Genres. Heck, I could be my own DJ and create my own playlist. I take the LRT everyday so I am pumping the i450 to and from work. For now, I have abandoned my 512Mb MP3 player. Poor fellow collecting dust. Can’t blame me because with a 1Gb MiniSD card, I could load in so many songs. Yesterday a guy on the street thought I was using an iPod or something. I don’t know about you all, but I can watch movies, read PDF, make calls, send messages, get organized, listen to songs and much more with my i450. FM radio reception is good and now I can listen to it in my office too, for those prank calls, fix its and gender discussions. Haha…

The camera function does not match the other functions though. It’s a known fact that the 2.0 Megapixel camera get their ass whooped by their other 2.0 peers. But I am not disappointed for my old phone photo quality is even worse. Haha… so not much complain from me. And I can save it to my MicroSD card makes it way better. My solution to make my photo sessions much more fun and exciting… let me show you.

Yup, I got a LOMO Fisheye filter imported from Japan. Now even my reluctant friends have become willing participants. *wink*
Yeah, the 3G video quality is affected. It’s bad. I look like I got run over by several army trucks. *roll eyes* Nothing I can do.

I am also using a lot of their Organizers function. Under the Clock, I can set a quick alarm. For the past few days I was setting it every night before I went to sleep. Was actually not too happy with it because my old phone has a function where I can set alarms for my working days. To my surprise, while commuting back home last Wednesday I found out that the Samsung i450’s Alarm function provides all these and I can even set several alarms with different Repeat selection. For now, it’s only 2… one to wake up to go to work every weekday and the other is to get me to sleep daily.

The last one, is World Clock. For kicks, I set several time display which are Bangkok, Tokyo, Taipei, Hanoi, London and Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi because Sponkers is there. Er… actually he is in Qatar but since I can’t find it, I just chose Abu Dhabi. This time next month I will be using the Bangkok time. Aaa… can’t wait.

Honestly, this is just the tip of the iceberg. I have not even tried their S60 Platform. Will share what other features I use before I burrow into the abyss. Haha…

Damn. My audio message failed to send. Mmm… who else for me to test it with.

Photo Samsung i450 Technology

Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone

Getting out my camera and snapping around was something that I very seldom do. More so, when approaching total strangers or not-so-strangers to pose for you. Last Saturday, when I attended the BlogMob event, I kind of agreed to get out of my comfort zone, that being a bit shy and avoiding attention. The phone itself had generated quite amount of buzz lately, with the huge billboards, tv and radio ads, press ads and roadshows too. Guess the people in Samsung are really working their butts off. Having meeting them personally and seeing all the work they put in, *pat pat* *nod nod*

Let me roll out the photos first as I have to get all my pictures out before this Friday. My brother and YF will be flying to Taiwan and I promised to borrow them my camera. Mmm… how am I going to take some photos of me showing people the i450? Nah… it will work itself out. Let’s hope that they bring me back something nice from Taiwan. Haha… Joking… but you guys better find someone for me to take pictures with.

Some of you might not understand what I am proposing to you online. So I am showing you examples of what I need you to do when I meet or do not meet any of you. Here goes. I missed out the first person that I showed it to. Will get him to pose for a photo soon.

First night. Had some German beer before we took photos.

My friends at the climbing gym. Did I mention only a portion of climbers?

This is my current favorite. Poor fellow was a bit blur when I approached him to ask for a photo. Was worried that the phone will slip off his hands too, because his glove was too big for him. What a start.
My favorite nasi lemak seller. They are friendly and nice. And their nasi lemak… power. I could eat them for the whole week. I got them to pose for me because by 8.40am they were already sold out and nothing left for me to eat. Hence they were free, so got them to model.
Click more to kill bandwidth.

Photo Samsung i450 Technology

The Time is Now

Yeah… it’s a Moloko song title.
Now that’s out of the way too… let’s get on with it. Everyone is so fired up with their Samsung phones and are already doing loads of posts. Better late than never right? Let me start hogging your bandwidth with some event and phone pictures.

The Bloggers + Soon to be Bloggers

PC Fair…

That is the music player interface when you slide it down. Everything goes horizontal from there on.
The phone stands out among ugly doodles.
Click on more to continue killing your bandwidth.

Samsung i450 Technology

One of the 16th BlogMobbers

Ok ok. I know… am lagging behind on the Samsung i450 posts. Had been playing with it a little but it’s hard to fully concentrate on it when I have another new toy to play around too. My new lappie. Gosh… obviously the other bloggers are hard at work fanning their Samsung i550 and i450. Jolene really whip my ass. Ouch. She really has been going around town showing the phones.

Anyway, for my friends and visitors who are too lazy to click on the BlogMob links… here is the group photo taken during the event. I stole it from their site. Go check it out and click around. Have a look at my other new blogger friends site while you are at it.

But in actual fact, I have already taken some photos and have yet to post them. I have some interesting characters down today. I noticed that day most of the bloggers were in black and white. And most of them are very young… *cough*

Media Samsung i450 Technology

What the 12th did to me

What a weekend it had been. I was running around and meeting loads of people, which has been something that I have not done in a long time.
My Saturday schedule started early in the morning with some chores… wash clothes. Then I went and did some climbing in Summit alone… for two hours. Got back home, clean up and off I go for the BlogMob Event, a brainchild of Mobile World Mag + Samsung Malaysia. Was worried that I would be late as traffic seemed to be building up. The event was in Izzi, KL a restaurant in the Lot10 – Sg. Wang vicinity scheduled to start at 3.00pm. Har… turns out I was just in time and I plunked myself beside Jun Yan and John after I briefly introduced myself. My first two blogger friends.

We were then ushered to another area, with a more relaxed ambiance. Low lights and lounge sofas. Yes, there was food. I skipped breakfast and lunch so at 3 o’clock I was hungry. Had a few glasses of Coke and some finger food, with constant clicks and flashes of camera momentarily blinding me. I zip my way around whenever possible to avoid them. But the small space do not allow me. Haha… after a while I got used to it. Kash of Mobile World attended to each and everyone and it made the whole scene warmer. Met and introduced myself to most of the bloggers there. Initially I asked a friend to accompany and when that failed I invited my brother and gf and friend to tag along. Luckily they left me high and dry and that allowed me to move around and mingled freely. Hehe… Was half expecting to meet people in shirts and ties and nicely pressed suits. Freaky. Managed to speak to a whole lot of the organizers and bloggers.

The event started with a brief stand up introduction and with my choice seating… which was beside the beverage counter… made me an obvious choice to start with. I blabbered a bit about me and yeah, Amy, I am also left handed. Five. But the real one thing that they did not know about me at that precise moment, I was worried that no one was going to take my clean clothes in. After everyone, that includes the organizers, had introduced themselves, and vroom, off we went with Kash shifting gears and steering us to the main reason why we were there. The bloody cool phones. Have been aching to get my hands on them for nearly 3 weeks plus.

Reds for Samsung i550 and Blacks for Samsung i450.
I got myself an 8 of spades so I get to wrap my lecherous fingers around the sleek tight body of Samsung’s new i450 phone. And being my very first (and probably last time) getting a chance like this, I was feeling ecstatic. Never had I, had in my possession a brag worthy piece of technology. Not that I love boasting anyway. But hey getting the privilege to do it once a while seems cool. Kash continued to talk after that but the attention was sitting cosily in my palm so all his words was going in left and coming out right. Slide shows and presentation followed and blink… we were back to our phones. Checking out the functions, asking questions and being attended to every whims and raised brows.

More mingling, drinks, discussions and camwhoring and soon it was time to go. Did not manage to get a photo taken with each and everyone of the bloggers which I hope could be redeemed in a month’s time. I gobbled some more pizzas and eggs before I made my exit.

Went to PC Fair to clarify some questions and dinner in Desa Petaling with a buddy then home I went. Showed to my housemate, which she shamelessly camwhored a dozen plus pictures. Thought of staying home to play with my NEW TOYS but decided to join Rachel and friends for a drink in The Curve. German beer is smooth. I ordered the lightest in the menu. Shot a picture of them with the new Samsung i450 before I left. More reasons for me to lug around my camera and to mix with bigger crowds, ya.

Haha… Food4Thot, if you are still reading this, yes I purposely left you out till the ending. Were you cursing under your breath, why this little ingrate jerk did not tell the world that it was you who opened this little window so that I could get my dirty paws on a brand new Samsung phone?
Hugs… hehe… thank you my dear friend.

Yes, my housemate managed to take in my clothes but it was after the rain ravaged them. And no, I did not put them back in the washing machine. Mr. Matahari got to work on them the next morning and I am wearing them now as I am typing this. Eee…