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The Time is Now

Yeah… it’s a Moloko song title.
Now that’s out of the way too… let’s get on with it. Everyone is so fired up with their Samsung phones and are already doing loads of posts. Better late than never right? Let me start hogging your bandwidth with some event and phone pictures.

The Bloggers + Soon to be Bloggers

PC Fair…

That is the music player interface when you slide it down. Everything goes horizontal from there on.
The phone stands out among ugly doodles.
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Samsung i450 Technology

One of the 16th BlogMobbers

Ok ok. I know… am lagging behind on the Samsung i450 posts. Had been playing with it a little but it’s hard to fully concentrate on it when I have another new toy to play around too. My new lappie. Gosh… obviously the other bloggers are hard at work fanning their Samsung i550 and i450. Jolene really whip my ass. Ouch. She really has been going around town showing the phones.

Anyway, for my friends and visitors who are too lazy to click on the BlogMob links… here is the group photo taken during the event. I stole it from their site. Go check it out and click around. Have a look at my other new blogger friends site while you are at it.

But in actual fact, I have already taken some photos and have yet to post them. I have some interesting characters down today. I noticed that day most of the bloggers were in black and white. And most of them are very young… *cough*

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What the 12th did to me

What a weekend it had been. I was running around and meeting loads of people, which has been something that I have not done in a long time.
My Saturday schedule started early in the morning with some chores… wash clothes. Then I went and did some climbing in Summit alone… for two hours. Got back home, clean up and off I go for the BlogMob Event, a brainchild of Mobile World Mag + Samsung Malaysia. Was worried that I would be late as traffic seemed to be building up. The event was in Izzi, KL a restaurant in the Lot10 – Sg. Wang vicinity scheduled to start at 3.00pm. Har… turns out I was just in time and I plunked myself beside Jun Yan and John after I briefly introduced myself. My first two blogger friends.

We were then ushered to another area, with a more relaxed ambiance. Low lights and lounge sofas. Yes, there was food. I skipped breakfast and lunch so at 3 o’clock I was hungry. Had a few glasses of Coke and some finger food, with constant clicks and flashes of camera momentarily blinding me. I zip my way around whenever possible to avoid them. But the small space do not allow me. Haha… after a while I got used to it. Kash of Mobile World attended to each and everyone and it made the whole scene warmer. Met and introduced myself to most of the bloggers there. Initially I asked a friend to accompany and when that failed I invited my brother and gf and friend to tag along. Luckily they left me high and dry and that allowed me to move around and mingled freely. Hehe… Was half expecting to meet people in shirts and ties and nicely pressed suits. Freaky. Managed to speak to a whole lot of the organizers and bloggers.

The event started with a brief stand up introduction and with my choice seating… which was beside the beverage counter… made me an obvious choice to start with. I blabbered a bit about me and yeah, Amy, I am also left handed. Five. But the real one thing that they did not know about me at that precise moment, I was worried that no one was going to take my clean clothes in. After everyone, that includes the organizers, had introduced themselves, and vroom, off we went with Kash shifting gears and steering us to the main reason why we were there. The bloody cool phones. Have been aching to get my hands on them for nearly 3 weeks plus.

Reds for Samsung i550 and Blacks for Samsung i450.
I got myself an 8 of spades so I get to wrap my lecherous fingers around the sleek tight body of Samsung’s new i450 phone. And being my very first (and probably last time) getting a chance like this, I was feeling ecstatic. Never had I, had in my possession a brag worthy piece of technology. Not that I love boasting anyway. But hey getting the privilege to do it once a while seems cool. Kash continued to talk after that but the attention was sitting cosily in my palm so all his words was going in left and coming out right. Slide shows and presentation followed and blink… we were back to our phones. Checking out the functions, asking questions and being attended to every whims and raised brows.

More mingling, drinks, discussions and camwhoring and soon it was time to go. Did not manage to get a photo taken with each and everyone of the bloggers which I hope could be redeemed in a month’s time. I gobbled some more pizzas and eggs before I made my exit.

Went to PC Fair to clarify some questions and dinner in Desa Petaling with a buddy then home I went. Showed to my housemate, which she shamelessly camwhored a dozen plus pictures. Thought of staying home to play with my NEW TOYS but decided to join Rachel and friends for a drink in The Curve. German beer is smooth. I ordered the lightest in the menu. Shot a picture of them with the new Samsung i450 before I left. More reasons for me to lug around my camera and to mix with bigger crowds, ya.

Haha… Food4Thot, if you are still reading this, yes I purposely left you out till the ending. Were you cursing under your breath, why this little ingrate jerk did not tell the world that it was you who opened this little window so that I could get my dirty paws on a brand new Samsung phone?
Hugs… hehe… thank you my dear friend.

Yes, my housemate managed to take in my clothes but it was after the rain ravaged them. And no, I did not put them back in the washing machine. Mr. Matahari got to work on them the next morning and I am wearing them now as I am typing this. Eee…

Personal Technology

BlogMob First Batch

I foresee that in coming weeks, my blog will be quite busy. Cross fingers.
Just found out that I am already listed in the BlogMob site. Although there has been only 5 clicks from it so far. It might be my photo thats driving the mouse away.

What is BlogMob?

BlogMob has been conceptualised by Mobile World as a platform for Samsung to interact with bloggers. It is a long term project with this being the first BlogMob event.

You’re witnessing selected Malaysian bloggers spending one month with a Samsung mobile handsets. They will use them in their daily lives and especially their blogging activities.

On top of the fun of trying out a brand new mobile phone, the bloggers will stand a chance to win prizes at the end of the programme.

How did we come up with the name BlogMob? Well, we think bloggers are a pretty energetic group of people. Their enthusiasm is boundless and together they make up a pretty cool mob, which by the way can also be a short nick for ‘mobile’.

Check out BlogMob

This has been the other thing that’s keeping me excited and helping me get through my personal hard times. I am crawling but I will be fine. My rate of waking up suddenly from my sleep and having my mind wondering about what happen and all the questions has been reduced. Am not going to let the suffocating weight creep back on top of my heart and lungs.

Design Technology

MP3 Nanum – A WorldVision & GS Caltex Project

Am not a tech freak but I always have a soft spot for simple and cool gadgets. Haha… don’t we all. Nearly. The Koreans are really outdoing themselves in for the past few years, in the entertainment, fashion, design and technology industry and it catches on and spreads like wildfire. This is the second MP3 player I want to share and it’s the Nanum™. The first being Disney’s Mplayer.

Sounds eerily similar to the Apple’s Ipod Nano though but with a whole different cause. I have no idea what Nanum means, it might be something in Korean or it could be a play of words. Anyway this MP3 player is now a part of WorldVision’s project. WorldVision is an international relief, development and advocacy organization dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice, the place where you can find the Sponsor-A-Child Program. With the 1Gb Nanum, they are hoping to raise more funds to help the kids. It’s produced, manufactured and distributed with the sole purpose of giving and sharing. All profits goes to charity 100%. The sites are in Korean so I am not able to get more information. I downloaded 2 free MP3s on the Nanum WolrdVision sponsored site, one of them is a Christmas medley in Korean. 귀여워 (GiYoWo) I think that’s cute in Korean. Loads more photos there.

You might want to have a look at Nanum WV | Nanum GS

The design company involved in this is ID+IM, explaining the insignias printed on the MP3 Nanum. ID+IM means I Design Therefore I Am. This should be home to Prof. Samgmin Bae, the head designer I suppose. Correct me if I am wrong.

Several names are given to this MP3 player it seems. Some called it Nanum, ID+IM called it their Nanoom Project and the linkage on WorldVision is Nanuum. Duh…


Hello Kitty ar, is Snoopy in?

Bummer first. It’s only available in Japan.

Nonetheless, it does not hurt if we ogle and get real green with envy at the Japs for being the only people who could get their hands on these. The Toshiba 815T adorned with Hellp Kitty and Snoopy theme. The fun don’t stop at there because it comes in a package where you will get a Hello Kitty bag, mobile strap and a jewel box. The works, babeh. Goes without saying that it will be pimp to the brim with themed wallpapers, screensaver and ringtones.

See the Snoopy phone housing… or rest house… damn.
It has face recognition feature too, so no snooping around for those nosy you-know-who.

Yes, I know my titles are lame. It will always be lame. I like it that way. Haha…

Technology Web

Japanese High On Cellphone Novels

It’s really an eye opener to read about this, keitai-shousetsu (mobile phone novels). The tech-savvy Japanese nation has once again ventured into a realm of internet literature that I had not the faintest inkling about. And yet the latest entertainment fad has been floating around in the web sphere seven years ago. A Japan community-based Web site, Maho i-Land brought this idea online when it made it much easier for the hidden novelists in us to turn our stories into a real book complete with cover page and chapters. But it wasn’t till telco companies in Japan offered affordable rates and high-speed mobile Internet when it really fuelled the craze bringing it to its current status. Fat chance for us, Malaysians though as our technology are still a far cry from the Japs and the eye-popping charges our telco charges are enough to make us, the commoners cry. Boo hoo.

Since it’s a community based thing, mobile-novel writers get instant feedbacks from their readers which egg them on and even plays a part in changing the course of the stories. But with every hand trying to get a dip in the bottle of honey, it almost always creates some sort of negativity. It might tighten the creativity rein of the writer who now have to write to please and that’s not fun. Chaco felt pressure that’s for sure. She is the writer for “What the Angel Gave Me“. Another writer, Satomi Nakamura even broke a blood vessel on her right little finger while tapping away on her tiny cellphone screen. Ouch…

Publishers are even cashing in on the mobile-novel genre. To date, it has been over two dozens of popular stories on Maho i-Land being printed. And it seems to be turning into collectibles too. Cool idea into a  money-spinner.

Go read the whole article by Yukari Iwatani Kane – Ring! Ring! Ring! In Japan, Novelists Find a New Medium at Wall Street Journal site.

Other reads :
O’reilly Radar – A mobile read (with white spaces)
Cellphone novel downloads outstrip paper books in Japan
Cellphone novels bring kinky storytelling to the hard of seeing – 2006 news

Design Entertainment Technology

Huff and Puff – LED Candles

I am amazed. Check out these LED candles that are activated by just blowing on them. Its supposed to be natural looking and even flicker like normal candles. Its solid wax too. Talk about realism. Take a deep breath and blow and it comes on. Do the same to turn it off. No match required. You could choose to have it in blue or the natural yellow flame too.

Which one of you have a big ass lantern for this coming MoonCake festival? You could get one just in time for it and be the talk of the street. You could run and skip and your lantern will still be nice and pretty. But alas, you can’t set dry leaves on fire and burn cockroaches. It would certainly kill the budding arsonist in the young ones.

Click here for more info : Bi-Color LED Blow On-Off Candles on ThinkGeek

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Say hello to Keepon

Just a quick post on this. Found it amusing and interesting. Not your normal everyday Mr. Robotic. Meet Keepon, a yellow fellow belonging to the Robots with Rhythm gang. It was designed by a Mr. Hideki Kozima the other half of the BeatBoxs duo.

Keepon dancing to Spoon’s “Don’t You Evah”
Check out the last part where all the robots get their groove on together. Nice watch.

For more info on this research and progress, see : BeatBots

Design Music Technology Web

Disney Mplayer by iRiver

I got this in my email the other day. Guessed a lot of you have seen this but this little charmer enticed me enough to find out more about it. A quick search was made and at first I got an image of a normal mp3 player plastered with a Mickey logo. WTF… wrong channel.
After some random clicking I found Gizmodo, a tech guide site which gives out more details. This high tech Mickey is said to hold 1G of songs and about 3cm in size. Available in black, white, blue , pink and silver.
Concept sketch by iRiver.

It looks kinda cute and cool to me and I dare say quite a number of people would be interested in having one of them. Its like a fashion accessory + tech gadget put together. The Mplayer looks good to me cos I like simplicity of the design. But I am afraid I would break off those ears accidentally.
Alas, from Gizmodo – “Disney commissioned iRiver to make the player for their Hong Kong amusement park and for retail in South Korea, though if sales go well enough iRiver hinted that Mickey might sneak into other regions.” Looks like it might not reach Malaysia just yet. But you could always make a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland don’t you? Or better still to South Korea. More reason to go travelling huh. 🙂

See more pictures at iRiver : Disney Mplayer by iRiver