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Rise of the G7

It has been many years since I got hold of a camera and snap away. Come to think of it, I have never really snapped away as much as I wanted to. During my third semester of my studies, my Photography lessons earned me a D+. Which is bad. Most of the time I have to drag myself to accomplish this feat. There were several reasons for my achievement.
1. I feel weird performing contortions in public all in the name of getting a good shot.
2. Developing films were expensive.
3. My lack of confidence of getting a good shot does not help.
4. Never really understood the meaning and functions of aperture, focal point, shutter speed and stuff.
5. It did not intrigues me, was doing it for the sake of getting it done. Assignments.

Alas, something took me over and I recently purchased a brand new digital camera. A Canon G7. It’s fun taking photos now. Having a favourite subject matter helps a lot. Am still in the midst of learning how to use it. My previous blog was filled with letters… hopefully now I could save on a few hundred thousand words or more. Yeah baby!

The Tool.

The first assignment was taking photos in Cameron Highlands. Will compile a few photos to be posted.
Will also show you what I have learned about this camera too. Yes, I am noob when it comes to this.
As a matter a fact, a lot of things. Hmm.


Hello world!

Welcome to my humble new blog. This is my first post for many that are yet to come. This is my 2nd official blog because I got fed up with the way the old one treat my visitors, where they have to be a member to be able to post comments. Duh… me no like. Me leave.

My name is Abner. And some smarty pants sometimes tend to be creative with my name. I never know. Abner. Abnerd. So I figured… since I am look like a nerd too, what the heck right? To those who always pronounce wrongly or does it on purpose, its your dream come true. Welcome again.

Oh by the way, my old blog is still available for you to check out.