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HKFixed is having a Halloween Alleycat Race!

Got tipped off by Calvin of that they will be organizing a Halloween Alleycat race on October 31st 2007. Damn, it sure makes my adrenaline goes up a little. In order to not miss out on this event, I had already asked Calvin to snap some pictures of the whole event. Bet you that it’s gonna be exciting. Racing through the walkways at night and having to reach 6 checkpoints and completing the task like finding a person and doing push ups. Or buying someone else beer. Loads more.
Go check out their official site to know more
Currently there are only 10 participants, so if you happen to be in Hong Kong or Macau why not join in. Hehe…

And last but not least, Calvin here’s a belated birthday shoutout. Happy Birthday bro!


Outdoor Climb – Comic, Batu Caves

21st October 2007.
Found out that Eddie, Roland and ML was going to climb outdoors and decided to tag along. The first obstacle as always was waking up early on weekends. Drove over to Roland’s place and carpooled. Picked ML on the way and off we went. Had 2 half boiled eggs and a roti bom while we waited for Eddie. At 9am we headed over to Nyamuk to climb. Unfortunately for us, the heavy downpour for the past few days had struck down a huge tree and it had blocked our hike upwards. Further scouting by Ed revealed that the road ahead was also blocked. The presence of the mosquitoes was even worse than the previous trip too. Lugging heavy bags and gears we turned back. Let’s go to Comic!
Again it’s my first time going over. Again we have to hike up to get over to climb site.

Me having trouble doing a 6a climb. I suck badly. Took me around 20 minutes to finish it. Was sweating like a pig and forearms were pumped like hell. Damn. I need to do this again.

Eddie waiting for his project.

Roland the belay slave.

ML’s virgin lead climb. She even setup the system woo.

I only did two climbs that day but it left me exhausted like hell. Had a much needed lunch… Ho Yee Kee Prawn Mee (Kepong) and a young coconut. Yum.


Outdoor Climb – Nyamuk, Batu Caves

Been a while since I climbed outdoors. That was because I was “playing truant” and not joining my buddies for climbing sessions. So I contacted E and he said they will be going to Batu Caves to climb and this time it’s at a spot called Nyamuk. Nyamuk means mosquito. So my initial plan of having my gf tagging along has to be cancelled much to her dismay. But hey, it would be a hell of a time when you sat for few hours and getting stung by a swarm of blood sucking insects. And they are aggressive and big. ML could testify for that as she got a lot of them. Miraculously upon application of the mosquito repellent cream none were in sight. Poof! Wow… well I did not had any bites this time as I was wrapped from neck to toe. Did not feel hot because that place was shady and windy.

The “kampung” road leading to the mountains.

Forgot who said can do bouldering here. Erm… any takers?

We need to hike up to the climbing spot. The path was well trodden upon but there are still hedges and overgrowth that gets in your way every now and then.

Part of the wall that we would be climbing.

Unidentified worm. It’s got a head like a hammerhead shark.

Do you recognize the both of them? They are the 50/50 duo from Digi’s commercial. Hehe…

Click to download commercial here. (Download size 5Mb)

It was a nice Sunday climb and dear gf was still smiles although I went missing for nearly 8 hours.
No climbing this coming weekend it seems, because most of them will be back to hometown for Raya and the gym will be closed.


To do list : Climb Climb Climb

Today I went climbing again. This time in Summit. Saw a few familiar faces and some asked me where I was for so long… *wink wink* Xes and evil@lai said I should do it more since I ponteng so many times and am out of form. Manage to grab a quick dinner with my sis Qiqichan since she said she was camping out in her office. She is stressed with work from the looks of it. All the best. Take care ooo. And enjoy your well deserved break this weekend ya. Come back with a tan!

Will be climbing again tomorrow. It feels good to have aching muscles. Argh…

Oh and I just joined the GeCKo-Malaysia – a Malaysian climbing community. A lot of climbers I know are there. But have not fully checked it out just yet.

Crappy night shots.

Tired. Need sleep.


Mooncake Celebration

Celebrated my mooncake festival with Derrick, Didi, Azhar, Alif and Ezer (in attendance order) at Shah Alam Xtreme Park right after dinner. Been ages since I climbed with them and according to them I MIA-ed. Haha…
Never been to the park at night and the last I was there the road was still dirt and muddy. Now they have paved a nice tar road and planted trees and grass. Boy, have I been missing for way too long. It was fun climbing while listening to RAGE, G’N’R and SOAD . It kinda motivates you to climb huh… *nudge nudge*
Left at 12a.m. as it just began to drizzle.


Lead climbing and top rope walls

Bouldering wall – Elephant

The skate park. Derrick trying on his battle worn blades.

Lanterns sponsored by Derrick and mooncake courtesy of Didi. Yum…
Although I sucked at climbing but I had fun anyway. 🙂
How was your celebration?


Ouch Argh Aaa

A break from climbing for a month plus makes a lot of difference. My arms and torso are aching now. Sigh… can’t even climb easy routes. Haha… my friends are making fun of me for unable to clean those routes. Blek. Haha…

I am lazy to laminate this card. But sigh… how come RM168 only get a small piece of card. 😐

Yesterday forked out RM168 for an unlimited 2 months pass for Summit Climbing Gym. I can go and climb whenever I want now for 2 months. Will be going again later. I have to climb 12x there to break even. After that it’s considered free. Will go over after work nowadays. I wanna train train train. Even my gf is laughing behind me now.

Gonna go kick her ass first then go climb with evil@lai and friends. See ya!

See : Nomad Adventure | Climbing Gym


Summit Roxx 2007


Come 20th May I will be spending the day at Summit USJ because there is a climbing competition. Top climbers will be there so it would be worthwhile to be present. Be awed.

I am participating. Been in last year. Might as well do it again. Just for fun sake. I get a free tshirt for the RM30. And some freebies. Its not that bad for a session of ass kicking.