Climb Design

Enschede Climbing Dormitory

The idea of adding functionality to a building wall is just great. Although they are not the first to come up with this idea, but an architect firm in Netherlands, Arons & Gelauff Architects has installed 2500 handholds on the University of Enschede 30m/9 stories dormitory building.
Me like.

This makes an enjoyable traverse. Me like again.

But in Malaysia’s weather and the maintenance needed… I don’t think it will work well. After a while, the holds might get stolen or damaged due to constant exposure to the sun and the rain. Most of the time individuals in charge of taking care of the premise are unqualified or not knowledgeable enough to maintain the walls. Mmm… and I don’t think we would see much buildings like this in Malaysia. Most we have are straight ups. Just long 5Cs-6A+ climbs.

Ale! Ale!

(via Eikongraphia)

Climb Technology

ClimbStation – Rock Climbing Simulator

It’s a treadmill, only that it’s vertical. Haha…
Never thought of it before… seems amusing but seeing a cute chick on it got me concentrating. Come to think of it, they are using a lot of females in their promotional campaign. Sex sells theory, tried and true.

The ClimbStation is the child of Joyride Games based in Finland. From what I observed, exercising on ClimbStation is like bouldering on a moving vertical platform. It takes up a width of 3.0m x 4.8m which is considerably small. But wait up, it has a touch screen monitor for you to login, check performance, display statistics and save top scores too. It enables you to link up to 6 machines for competition. Speed climb whatever. Betcha there is a speedometer to gauge how fast they are going too. Hahaha.

As for difficulty level, I don’t think it could come close to bouldering. ClimbStation could be used for endurance training because it keeps going on and on and on. Would be a nice workout no doubt, but the height factor is not there. Would love to give it a try if given the chance. I will be like a hamster on wheels.
They have a new full flash website launched yesterday, the 25th of February 2009. Interested to have it in your home? Buy one and let me in for the fun ok?

Camping Hiking Outdoor

Hike : Gunung Stong, Kelantan Part 2

Previously known as : I Just Got Stong-ed Part 2

A week has gone and I am still a little tanned. Cuts and scratches healed. Aches gone. More than enough sleep. Over ate too.
Damn… I do miss the short lived days where I have absolutely no communication with the outside world at all. No mobile phones, no computers, no tv, no cars, no air conditioning, no mad crowds, no bright lights… just the simple form of civilization. Though I was not in the very deep jungles but it’s good enough.

Let me take you back to the scene where the thick morning fog was still swallowing the railway track below while the sun peeks timidly from behind a curtain of thick woolly clouds. I had just managed to stumble down onto the railroad with the weight of a dead secondary two student behind me. On second thoughts make it an overweight primary five student from Johore.
I had earlier splashed water and wiped off some grogginess in the tiny train washroom before heading to extract my backpack. I was still in a blur daze. I woke up ten minutes before the train stopped at Dabong, a small train station stranded in the outskirts. With lightning speed I repacked my stuff, double checked and put on my shoes. Washed my face, saw the group leaving the train and I followed, and before I left my bunk I flicked the curtain of the guy sleeping opposite of me. The one that I borrowed my carabiner to. Damn I should have gotten it back then and there. He was still doing it slow motion, unpacking and repacking his gears. I mumbled to him that they all got off and I am getting down too. Better hurry. And off I went. It was when I landed on the platform that I saw the two dozen plus people are already there… some posing for photos and others walking up and down the platform checking out the place. I straightened my specs and walked towards the platform while the train picked up momentum.

Managed to squeeze myself in for a photo.

Then someone in the group asked where the guy sleeping opposite me was… and they started to run around looking for him. Hell to think that he has a group of friends and they totally forgot about him. Later during the trip, I realized that it was his character to sometimes wander off on his own once in a while. The train has barely left the station before it came to a screeching halt. No one knew what happened. Neither did I. Before long, a few of them was running towards the end of the platform. Then I heard “Someone jumped off the train!”. Bloody hell, it appears that my bunk neighbour did an Indiana Jones scene. Shit, let’s hope that it does not spoil the party… and with every steps I took, I repeated myself. Shazaam, there he is… lying on the cold dusty concrete… not moving much… a bit bloodied. He cut his finger and scrapped his knees during the non-choreographed one take action scene that Harrisson Ford himself chickened out. It looked bad and everyone crowded around. He sure know how to make an entrance. Everyone there got smacked and that woke them up, instantly. I wanted to ask him then and there about my carabiner but it seemed inhumane. Cold blooded. So I just walked away, and confronted some roti canai instead. After much deliberation I decided to have toast and near raw eggs at the opposite stall. The station master kindly sent our failed action star to the nearest clinic. All’s well while my new carabiner just chugged away. Motherfuck. No more borrowing gears to anyone. Get your own. He was lucky that he survived the fall with only minor cuts and bruises. He could very well end up under the metal wheels and that would definitely spoil everyone’s appetite for scrambled eggs. Make it dinner as well. Would be a nightmarish ride home witnessing that.

Fortunately, the drama ended there.

One of them had a tripod setup after this shot but the group just dispersed. Leaving the photographer all alone. It was just too hot to pose for more. For the record, no complete group photo was taken.

What entails are unfamiliar territory of caves, forestry and mountains. Beautiful landscape. But to enjoy it we have to sloughed through unchartered terrain. We ascended with small stone steps which gradually turns into damp loose earth. No, not muddy yet. Performing this feat with a big backpack is a killer. Being my first I tried to sit and conserve my energy while letting a comfortable distance grew between. I find it more stressful when I had to huddled behind them, inching my way. Drains me. The journey to Baha base camp could take less than an hour but we spent a little more time on the mouth of the waterfall. Photo session people. My camera was buried deep inside my bag, so I did not bother. Haha… this happen throughout the trip. I was just lazy, really. The sight and sound of it was mesmerizing. Never had I seen a waterfall this high in person. I reached the base camp beaten. It’s certainly no joke to hoist such a weight.

Found my camp buddies and we chose the one nearest to our bags. My mates for the trip, Sean and Jensen. They proved to be good camp buddies and it made my trip more fun. Mark, Julia, Parth and Anu certainly added more flavor no doubt. Our camps were the nearest and reason being that we did not have a particular group made it easier for us to get around. But soon, we got to know everyone better. And since it was still Chinese New Year we gambled and I continued to give money away. Not much though. A few ringgit but the crappiness and jokes that it paid for was worth it. Sorry Say-Li for turning your nice camp into a makeshift gambling den. 😀

Later in the night we adjourned to the edge of the huge waterfall. Not much stars to see though. It was too cloudy. Photo sessions continued and several girls really go all the way out for nice pictures. It scares me and I could see the horror in others too. Nuts I tell you.

The first night officiating my sleeping bag could not be anymore eventful. The floor was cold and hard and a stone embedded at my waist area made matters worse. And how can you call a four man tent when it barely fits three snugly. Ventilation was no good so we decided to have it open concept. Up went the zippers. Much better but the sleeping condition showed no signs of improvement. I tossed and turned and barely slept a wink. The ever gushing of water drowns out all the sound that the jungle has. Flushes away my dreams as well. First night sleep… negative. It did not bring my mood down though. In fact I woke up cheerful and filled with anticipation for what lies ahead. The Stong Peak.

Camping Hiking Outdoor

Hike : Gunung Stong, Kelantan Part 1

Previously known as : I Just Got Stong-ed Part 1

A little tanned, a little cuts and scratches, a little aches on the thigh and calves, a little lack of sleep, a little bit hungry and it was worth every little damn little of everything. Did I get you a little bit confused?

I had a great experience in outdoor last weekend with more than 2 dozen of strangers. I had been striking out the days anticipating the hiking + camping trip since last year. No, the idea of surrounded by total strangers do not bothers me. The state of being outdoor, surrounded by trees, crashing gallons of revitalizing water on centuries polished rocks and taking in cool fresh air outweighs all those silly questions. Honestly, I preferred it that way, not having known associates around me, as it forces me to socialize a bit more. Come out of my shell. Think it took me more than 24 hours before I eased up and moved around.

I was the first to arrive at the rendezvous point, McD, KL Sentral at 730pm. Sat the dead weight I had on my shoulder on first empty table I found. Rested while my eyes darted around the room looking for anyone who has a bloody huge backpack eating at their shoulders. Nope, none yet, just a couple of cute chicks. I ordered myself Spicy McDeluxe and waited. A handful of french fries and two bites into my burger later, I could make out a huge frame accompanied by a much smaller individual appear at the narrow entrance. Each have big bags and they so happen to be the organizers for this trip. Met them once last year when I went for the Gunung Irau, Cameron Highlands trip. Waved, offered seats and introduced myself. It was after 10 minutes before others arrive. And man, did they pack… I was intimidated of course. These guys know their stuff. All look seasoned and polished. Of course, they looked clean. Guys are shaved. Girls hair tidy. Too many people and I did not approached them. Just linger by the side smiling if eyes met, but looked the other way soon after. Time was 820pm and there are several person who have not arrived. The train leaves at 830pm. Dang… but luckily our train system could be depended on – arrival delayed. The party was formed and we crowded around the tv checking out the mini riots and hoo haa that took place earlier in view of Perak’s unstable political state.

Finally the gates opened and we flooded the stairs and got on board the train. I have not got on a train for years and this would be a first where I have to sleep 10 plus hours on it. Got the top bunk for myself. I brought 2 carabiners with me and I used them to hook up my bags. Eventually offered one of my carabiner to the person opposite of me when he seemed to have trouble keeping his backpack in place. A brand new one too. The carabiner I borrowed him never returned. And I regretted borrowing it. More about it later though. First, here’s some tips for people who would like to take a long arduous journey on Malaysian train.

  • The odd numbers are for top bunks and even number for lower bunks.
  • The top ones are a little low, I can’t sit up straight when I am on it, and I am about 174m. Lower ones, has a little more vertical space.
  • Lower bunks are supposed to be RM10 extra.
  • A pillow and a sheet is provided. Reading lamp too.
  • Those who can’t sleep in brightly lit room better bring sleep masks/eye covers, the compartment lights are on 24/7.
  • Toilets have bare necessities. Option for squat or sit. For the sit ones, I prefer to hover.
  • Leg space is limited after you put your bag on your bed.
  • The arrival and departure time are merely estimation. Most of the time they are late.

Apart from this, I managed to catch some shut eye on the ride. It was much better than I had imagined. I slept through all the swishing and swashing but woke up every time we stopped at a station. Perhaps the swaying and rocking reminds me of my infant days. Chilling on my baby bed. Downed a bottle of chicken essence before I slept.

We reached Dabong at 730am. Drama ensued on the foggy railroad while most were still rubbing the sleep off their eyes.

Hiking Outdoor Personal Run

Sweetness Of Doing Nothing

I had a long holiday. 8 days plus. Spent it at home of course. It was Chinese New Year, so it was, I think. The atmosphere is getting thinner. Celebration of the Lunar New Year seems to be waning… it’s like sitting on a reclining chair set at 150 degrees. A little more then it will go flat.

Did not meet up with any friends at all this year, and none of us organized any too. Only the one who came back from Singapore asked to meet up. Guess everyone wanted to stay home and away from crowds this year. Managed to meet up with 4 friends the night before I got back to the city.

I think the long holidays is just too long. If holidays meant staying indoors and at home. Shall consider hauling my ass to somewhere next year if I have a long CNY holiday for a day or two.
I had too much computer, TV and sitting around. The long hours spent on gambling hurts my back but I won. When we made it to the table my luck dwindled. I lost what I won. Easy comes easy goes. Poof!

Nearly 2 weeks off the rocks makes me a dull boy. Am feeling lethargic. My lazy bone starts to repopulate. A good thing though is that the corn on my toe is getting better. I already started running again, once. Just about 3km. My muscles are a little sore now. But it feels comforting. Neglected my running shoes for more than 3 months. Should have dealt with the corn bastard earlier. It looks ugly. I first bought a lotion for corn and a pumice from Scholl. It worked like… crap. Expensive and yields no result. Shit decision for taking the painless way. I think it might even aggravated it and made it worst. Then I sought the use of corn plaster. And assumed just sticking it on is enough. I ignored the direction to cut away at the white skin and clip at the monster. Naturally my assumption led to further fuck ups. It bloody hurts by now. Soon I was on my second pack of corn plaster that I started cutting away. It did not hurt that much when I clipped and peeled away the flapping dead skin. Shit hit the fan when I move in for the bullseye. Scraping and partly digging at the infected area was not a fun thing to do. Having it grow at the bottom of your big toe and bending over for a long period of time hurts the inner thigh, back and neck. The hole you get after each excavation just keep my spirits hollow. Thank goodness the increase cutting and scraping with the third pack seems to be working much much better.

Right now I am wearing my Inov8 with my backpack sitting patiently behind me. Me going to get me some fresh air this weekend. Me is excited about it but me think the 10 hour train ride is a bummer. Hope this trip will be worthwhile of my 20 hour train ride. The bag is heavy. I packed several light pieces of clothing but brought quick a lot of food in the form of Snickers and Nature Valley bars. Let’s see, I have :

  • 3 regular Snicker bars
  • 12 mini Snicker bars
  • 12 Nature Valley bars (8xPeanut, 2xCinnamon Apple and 2xHoney Oats)
  • 2 Maggi Cup Noodles (least nutrition but got it for the taste only)
  • 1 Ayam Brand Chilli Tuna
  • 2 Instant Nestum Packet
  • 1 Pack of Glucolin
  • 1 Pack of Organic Protein
  • 1 Bottle of mixed Vitamins
  • 1 Packet of Salt (in case there are leeches)
  • 3 bottles of Brands Chicken Essence
  • 1 Vaude Sleeping Bag
  • 1 Set Mess Tin, Spoon and a pair of bamboo chopstick
  • 1 FavourLight Luxeon Rebel 90
  • 1 First Aid Kit (Plaster, Charcoal Pills, Panadols, Deep Heat, Counter Pain, Ho Yan Hor, Scissors, Nail Clipper, Finger Tape, Safety Pin and etc)
  • Toiletries
  • 1 long pants, 2 shorts, 4 boxers, 1 hand towel, 4 tshirts, 2 singlet and 3 pairs of socks. 1 jacket too.
  • 1 Lowe Alpine backpack
  • 1 daypack
  • 1 Canon camera (don’t think the battery it will last for 2 days)
  • 1 Sea to Summit Dry Sack
  • 1 3litre Camelbak Hydration Reservoir

Basically that’s it.

Am leaving for Dabong, Kelantan tonight with 27 strangers. Well I met the organizers before once when I went for the Gunung Irau, Cameron Highlands hike last year. Tamil and YY. But did not talk much with them. As for the others, blank. Well, that’s part of the fun right?

I suppose it will be a bit hard for me this time because I have not been running or hiking for 3-4 months. No endurance and low fitness level. Oh yeah…


Go Sleep Outside

I had never went on a real camping trip ever. The only one that I… wait I just remembered I had 2 such experience during my school days. Not really that outdoor as I might care to call it.

First camp experience was during my primary school years… Standard 5 or 6. I am grabbing loose ends and tying them together here. I don’t remember how and why I was there. Or for whatever event it was. Erm… a lot of wood stacked in the middle. Bonfire thing. Campsite was beside the school hall. Each of us get to sleep on stretcher bed types. Boys get to sleep outdoors… and the girls in classroom on desks. They decorated the class windows with their towels and clothes, a temporary curtain/blind thing. I don’t seem to remember doing anything memorable. How I spent the night away from home and together with dozens of children doing nothing eventful puzzles me. The details I remember was that the toilet in the Standard 6 block was flooded due to the girls usage. God knows what they try to flush down the pipes. Since they invaded and destroyed the toilets there, I remember having to go take a leak at the Standard 1 and 2 toilets. Damn. Gloomy dark and cold. Somehow the toilets there seemed to have instilled fear in me after all those years. I had never been willing to take a dump in them for the fear of what evil awaits me. And for the record in all my school years I seemed to have corked up my ass, never squatting over any shit stained porcelain unless Nature called me using the PA system. I remembered tearing up the corridors back to civilization with two other friends after we finished our business. Not turning back at all.

Saw a thin colorful snake coiled on a low branch joining us for a mass bullshitting session. Haha. I really can’t remember anything besides all these crap. There was the pair of red eyes amongst the trees at night too. That’s about it.

The last one I had was in Form 5. A joint event organized for prefects – mixed with other prefects from another school. Not that I did anything useful being a prefect. Never really gave a shit to what authority the tie gave me anyway. Oh well, this trip provided more fun. Camped on Institut Haiwan’s ground and damn… do they have a lot of ants everywhere. All I had to pack was some clothes and food. That was the first time I bought instant porridge too. Maggi. No idea how to cook it and supper sucked big time. It was eating MSG + uncooked rice and lots of hot water. Memorable cause I had to share it with some other hungry people. For that I got a temporary name Mr. Porridge.
We got to hiked a trail and it was fun too. Went in to knee deep mud and saw several students grabbing on plants with thorns too. Ouch. It was quite a long walk for my standard that time and it was tiring. We got to jump into the murky man-made lake when we finished the hike. There we met a snobbish little fucker and we saved some leftover sardine and threw into his camp since the place was practically infested with ants. No idea what happen in the night for him.

Early the next morning I had to escort some girls to the toilet to wash their face when I myself was barely half awake. Brushed my teeth with closed eyes while waiting for them. The night before I tried lying on the mini jetty looking up at the skies hunting down shooting stars and it was a waste of my time. Counting stars did not work either with all the gaggle around me. I rather stare blankly. Ha… I did not know how I went to sleep and the sleeping condition but I know I borrowed a pair of track suit pants from a fellow student to wear. I think I did not return him the piece of clothing. Gosh…

I think I did not really slept at all during the camp. I remembered going home and went dead after a shower. It took a lot from me, since I was caught sleeping in my Mathematics class. The teacher called upon me and I just stood up from my sleep. Goes without saying it was a the rest of the class found it amusing. Can’t remember much already. All these happened more than ten years ago.
So yes I am excited, anticipating the forthcoming camping+hiking trip. Weeeee….. oooo weeee oooo weeee


Not So Deep Water Solo

Any of you have a swimming pool at home?
If so, do you happen to love climbing?
And if you do, do you have extra cash to burn?

If your answer is yes for all the three questions, then I propose that you check out Aqua Climb. No no… it’s got nothing to do with hanging transvestites or having them climb on you, perv!

Ain’t this cool. No crash pad needed. No need to use chalk.

Go to their site at to find out more. Apparently AquaClimb is the child of Pyramide USA.

A leader in the wall climbing industry. If any of you decide to install one could you let me in?
I have not been climbing much for more than 4 months. Bouldering to be exact. I missed bouldering at Nomad’s. It seems my feeling is mutual with a number of my fellow climbers.

Received a message in Facebook last few days. A project to get the Nomad wall reconstructed on our own and the news alone is exciting. A few have already volunteered to help setting up the wall. Be coolie in short. *hands up* *whip whip*
Hope it works out because I am missing the climbing, the walls and the friends.

Outdoor Run

Run Baby Run

Ever since the climbing gym in Summit closed, I have not been climbing as much as I would like to. Especially on weekdays. I have been to Camp5 to climb but it’s just not the same to me. It may have a bouldering cave envy of many, indoor lead climbs that kicks ass or showering bath that washes you away literally (I really love to bath in Camp5) alas something is still missing. Like an absent molar on my lower jaw where my tongue keeps flicking and rubbing, against my gums and the two tooth standing guard over a gaping hole. I miss my Summit Climbing Gym. Have not been climbing much outdoors too. None at all, truth be told. Well my schedule on Sunday has gone through some changes and that is also a reason why I am considering climbing on Saturdays.

Anyway running has taken over for now. To make sure I spend more time on my feet I have joined Mizuno Wave Run that will be flagging off on the 19th October 2008. It’s a 10km run. My second 10km event. My first was in 28th August 2005. It was a feat for me to be able to finish it. I blogged about this in my first blog in Xanga. I even got myself a hamper from a luckydraw then.

So far I have only managed to do a 7.5km run around my area. 2 plus more weeks to go before the event, my friends seems to be quite excited about it. I suspect my spike in jogging around might be related to the purchase of a new pair of running shoes. Haha. And another reason I joined the run was because by paying Rm35 in exchange for a running vest worth RM53.90 and a chance to get a shoe bag seems to be a good deal.

The same goes for the IOI Community Run in November. That is about 7.3km. Another Tshirt for RM15.
For details about this : IOI Community Run

Any of you joining? We can meet there and run ya. Do leave a message here if you do.
I forgot to mention that both of these event, it was girls who asked me to join. My guy friends all sigh… *shake head* One was my housemate SY and the other is JC.

Climb Personal

Breathe a little

So Ms. Rose has spoken and a few before her too… my uncle and some silent readers.
Updates ya… I seem to talk about my climbs and not much about others lately. I have materials that I want to post about reusable shopping bags that I would like to purchase probably this month.

For now, it would still be climbing related. 4-5 posts related to climbing… is it irking any of you yet? It sure does make me smile if a frown appears between your brow and you bellowing, Oh no not again… not another crappy climb story that I don’t understand! Any of you? Please grace me with your frustration towards my posts. No? None… then here comes another.

Got confirmation that the Summit Roxx will be held on Sunday August 10th… an annual indoor rock climbing competition that I would participate… with a few things in mind. To gauge whether I have improved my climbing, get to climb with a big group of friends or would be friends and also making a fool of myself under the needle stares of the public. I could still feel the flutters of butterflies in my stomach when I first joined the competition. I roped along ML… who recently got married, congratulations again… and we called our team SlowMo, it was a MSN nick I used a few years back. Short of slow motion and I am proud to say that we live up to our name. ML has vowed to never again participate. Though, I do think that she did pretty well… gritting her teeth and trying as hard as she could to complete her routes. It was a mixed team event. Nice…

On the other hand, I shall disclose one little tiny weeny detail. Because that we had to be in the complex very early to register and for briefing of the competition, the toilets were not open. And I have this condition/disease/infection that happens everytime without fail. After the butterflies mighty flapping has died down, my bowels seems to get extra hardworking. The nervousness that had built up in my throat and stomach has now decided to head down south. I feel like taking a bloody dump… either a dump or let the trouser snake spits its venom. I frantically searched high and low for an available washroom. And the horror that strikes me… none was available. All was padlocked. The event was about to start. I ushered ML along and assured her I will join her in a moment. Among the chaos, I managed to slip away… into the much abandoned staircase area. Went up a floor and found those large green dumping containers and I let it rip. Stopped once to check for footsteps. This is where I stained my pants a little. Lucky the material dries up fast. That is my first time and hopefully my last. Hey, I was desperate all right… and I forgot whose hand I shook right after my business.

The coming competition would be my third one and hope that I would do better than the year before. But most of all, is that I have loads of fun. One more month to go and it’s time to do some training. I have been doing so in the park opposite of my house when I felt like it. And also doing some harder climbs in the gym or outdoor. My haste has caused me considerable pain since Monday night… I did not do a proper warm up on my neck and shoulder area… and I think I have hurt the nerves connecting to my head… it hurts like a bitch headache if I tried doing chin ups. The agony. I feel it even if I don’t do chin ups. It comes and goes when least expected. Have to lay off for a while.

I am planning to redpoint a 6B climb on Nanyang wall in Batu Caves. The route is called Indecision. That’s my current project. Will look for a few more 6B routes to try. That’s my current standard. And crap… thinking about the route has got my palms all sweaty again. It’s the little dose of adrenalin that shots through my arteries when images of climbing flashes on by. Have you got your shots of adrenalin today?

Aaa… I can hear the echoes of ale ale in the distant. Sweet.

Climb Personal

I had my first big

Just a post to remind me of my first big fall. My first fall means falling far down when climbing. Lead climbing. Fell 4 bolts. About 8 meters while 20 meters above solid ground. No I was not scared. I felt nothing. No fear. Nah, this does not mean that I am a daredevil or crazy it’s just might be the fact that I had no time for fear to sink in and tie a knot in my gut. I was going to share a shall foothold while caressing the limestone for a hold when all of the sudden,… zip… F… A… L… L…………. no one was expecting it to happen, they were all chatting below and my belayer was not aware too and gave quite an amount of slack. That was because I just clipped the second last bolt and trying to feel for a nice hold… a side pull and a sloper while changing feet… searching for a good foothold. It was a clean fall… and I remembered kicking the wall once before landing nicely with balls intact. I was actually happy for that fall and no shivers or trembles at all. I smiled waved and showed a good sign to the people below before having my daisy chain hooked on for safety. Everyone laughed. Belayer said sorry. I said don’t sweat it and don’t worry. It was a good fall and I feel liberated. I was no longer the boy who had never fell. Haha… shit. That sound’s wrong to my own ears now.

Location : White Wall, Batu Caves
Route : Kick A Cloud
Belayer : Nas
Witness : Ah Hon, Sherry, Adrian, Thomas and Sunny.

And I celebrated it with having a good time. The first was down the drain. My stupid look says it for me and I admitted that I had no idea. Took a deeper one next. Finish it with another short catch of breath. Keep it in. 1…2…3…4…5… Exhale. Aaa… c’est bonne La

Early dinner… think I am going to have packet of instant noodles. Am tired and hungry.

Bonne nuit. Pop gun my kap.