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Andy McKee Fingers His Way Up

Are you laid back on your chair? Don’t get too comfortable yet as I am sure you will slouch forward for a better look. Just watch Andy McKee play with your eyes wide open. Blast those speakers/headphones and leave the mouth ajar.


More about Andy’s phenomenal presence online at BillingsGazette

He plays the fingerstyle guitar, that I am quite certain but the mixture of the thumping and tapping and all… I am not so sure what they call it. Awaits enlightenment. Further reading told me that its called Percussive fingerstyle. There’s a duo that plays like this too who have been my fave acoustic players since last year. Will post them on Friday.

Andy is here to welcome the announcement of a new gazetted public holiday for Kuala Lumpur tomorrow. Encore!


Taylor Swift… yeehaw

Thought it was a guy’s song when I saw the title Taylor Swift – Tears On My Guitar. Was looking for something acoustic and simple on this cold grey Friday morning. He turns out to be a hot she. Taylor’s more on the country pop direction and it sure brighten things up a little with her clear chirpy voice. Well not for the Tears On My Guitar of course. That is a sappy song. Listen to the Our Song for the happy happy joy joy feeling.

Our Song

Proceed for a dose of emo-ness. It’s about lusting for your best friend. As portrayed in the music video.
Country singers lately are getting mighty hot I must say. Haha…

Tears On My Guitar

Oh and a happy birthday to my brother too!

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Joseph Arthur + Frank Bell

This is the initial musician that I wanted to blog about right before Damien Rice hit me again.
I only have three song of his on my playlist and Echo Park is one that I like a lot. In The Sun is a popular song from Joseph Arthur which gets a lot of exposure in TV Series like the L Word, Scrubs and bla bla bla.
Diverse artist with different styles and always experimenting. Well the fact that he is also an artist and sculptor just made me raise my brows just a wee bit. I am hooked on most of his older songs. The newer ones I think I need some adjusting too. Oh Joseph Arthur does reminds me of John Lennon + Noel Gallagher.

Echo ParkLive

Another song I would love you guys to check out is Honey and The Moon. It’s a song featured in The O.C. Pardon the video feed though the audio is quite good.

Honey and The Moon + In The SunLive at Double Door

Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan

Damn. I wanted to post about a different singer for this weekend but I just had to be seduced by the waves of emotions from none other than Damien Rice. Been listening to him for years now and the first and only song that I had Ghost in the title. Downloaded it randomly and it stayed. Then Sponkers brought me Damien’s O album which became my emo album of the year with hits like Volcano, CannonBall and Blower’s Daughter. My personal favorites are Cold Water, Older Chest and Cheers Darling. You can count on him to lay a warm blanket of sadness with a fluffy depressed plush bunny tucked neatly under your head, making you feeling all warm and fuzzy.

The beautiful soothing voice complimenting Damien’s rougher tone is of Lisa Hannigan. Sadly though I read they had split and went separate ways. I am too comfortable now to go find out what happened. Here is my favorite being played live. FingerNailsInMyEye probably would enjoy them.

Cold Water Live

And another newer one from Damien’s 9 Crimes album.

Rootless TreeLive from Abbey Road

Check out all their videos in YouTube. Tell me if you like them. If you don’t, then shut up and go play else where. Yup, their songs are getting to me.

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The Beatles Mashup : Cracked Peppers

This is a mashup project by the people over at ccc/ill chemist in conjunction with The Beatles 40th anniversary release of Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band album. Its aptly named Cracked Pepper. Quite a different feel to it and it might be able to entertain you on some boring Saturday.

You could download a sample track to listen : 01 – Cracked Pepper

I would suggest that you head over here to download the whole mashup album before it taken down.

See :

Gotta go now. Am meeting some friends at the climbing gym. Exercise ya.

Update : Dave from said there is no hurry to download as he has no plans to take it down. Hurray!

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Disney Mplayer by iRiver

I got this in my email the other day. Guessed a lot of you have seen this but this little charmer enticed me enough to find out more about it. A quick search was made and at first I got an image of a normal mp3 player plastered with a Mickey logo. WTF… wrong channel.
After some random clicking I found Gizmodo, a tech guide site which gives out more details. This high tech Mickey is said to hold 1G of songs and about 3cm in size. Available in black, white, blue , pink and silver.
Concept sketch by iRiver.

It looks kinda cute and cool to me and I dare say quite a number of people would be interested in having one of them. Its like a fashion accessory + tech gadget put together. The Mplayer looks good to me cos I like simplicity of the design. But I am afraid I would break off those ears accidentally.
Alas, from Gizmodo – “Disney commissioned iRiver to make the player for their Hong Kong amusement park and for retail in South Korea, though if sales go well enough iRiver hinted that Mickey might sneak into other regions.” Looks like it might not reach Malaysia just yet. But you could always make a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland don’t you? Or better still to South Korea. More reason to go travelling huh. 🙂

See more pictures at iRiver : Disney Mplayer by iRiver

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Do you dig Marié Digby?

Well, she was the YouTube phenomenon. Until recently it was revealed that she was actually a signed artist with Hollywood Records. Marié Digby was brought on to the label in year 2005, 18 months before she started making waves in YouTube and eventually the world. It was actually a well executed strategy by the people at the record company. They consulted her what song to cover and even distributed studio quality recording to iTunes and radio stations.
The media giants are already evolving and taking the internet seriously as the younger generation are responding more to YouTube and MySpace compared to radios. I think this could be because it seems that we are connecting directly to the artists rather than going through some already dolled up fully packaged recording artiste. And stumbling upon your own new rising star is so much more exciting than having to read it off some printed materials.
Take a listen to Marié. Go to YouTube for more of her songs.
To me, she is good and talented. Will see how she fares with her own album.

We had our own Karen Kong promoting herself too on Friendster some time back.

And in case you don’t know, Italian Maestro, Pavarotti just passed away. Read it on Yahoo! News.

See : YouTube phenom has a big secret