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Summit Climbing Gym to Move
First, it’s the talk among climbers that the climbing gym in Summit, USJ… will be shifting to a far away land. It’s Bukit Nanas to be precise. The new squat would most probably be somewhere in the midst of the forest reserve and commercial buildings. I have absolutely no idea. Speculations all the way. And rumor has it that it will take place by the end of June. Most of my friends are not too thrilled about it. I think it would be set outdoors. No official statements are made on any of Summit’s notice board.

New Low Cost Airline in Malaysia
Secondly, I had popped over to Yew Aun’s blog today and I found that there was a new low cost airline coming to town. In his post, he mentioned that the airline, coined Terbe Airlines, will be offering cheap long haul flights to Sierra Leone in the African Continent. I did a google search but no result came out. There was a comment on the post : u were told not to leak Terbe Airlines, but yet u decided to blog about it. Not a good way to start. Terbe also flies to East Timor, Togo, Zaire and anywhere there is a conflict Any of you out there got a wind of it?


Join WWF’s Effort

A snapshot of the guys I sign up with. It was Earth Week then. You might notice them around town and try stopping and listen to what they are doing. I gladly went up to the one on the right and proceeded with the donation procedure. But remember to verify their identity. The organization has already charged my credit card the first initial donation of RM120. Direct Debit, so no hassle. All donations to WWF are tax deductible so it’s not a bad deal. Beats giving it to income tax. Max limit is RM600 per year. Mine should be RM360. Have to check the documents that are lying at home.
Cancelling the donation is easy too. Just a phone call and it’s settled. That’s what they told me anyway. But for now, I have no such intention. I feel good even though how small my amount will be, it would still be reaching out to turtles and other species that I have a good chance of never seeing.

Check out their website WWF Organization. Drop by any WWF booths for more information if you see them.


Don’t Work Too Late

Yesterday was Labour’s Day. Wished all of you had a nice holiday break. Anyway, this morning my uncle insisted that I watch a short video clip. Normally to get him to talk for a while is hard… but since he is so free today, I decided to patronize him. Initially I though it was some scandal video or funny shit that happens in the elevator.
Turns out, it’s a ghost captured on the CCTV. He wanted me to give him my opinion on whether it is genuine or camera trick. To me, it’s freaking real. But I am no expert. And Raffles Place is about 5 hours (rough estimate) from where I am now. Excluding the jam. No wonder my uncle is worried, his office is near the sightings.
Just for weekend kicks and to raise some goose bumps, go download the video and freak yourself out.

Download Ghost Video

For more information, about all these paranormal stuff happening in other offices in our neighboring country, check out RafflesPlaceGhost blog site. Yeah… the site encourages people not to work too late every day which is very much in line with my thoughts. Haha.

Oh and … to make sure you have a little payback to anything that tries to follow you when you leave the elevator… force a fart. That would teach them.

*glance around and pray*

Media Photo Samsung i450

Olympic Torch Relay – Malaysia Pix

Finally I managed to extract the pictures taken last Monday. The crowd was huge.

Nice bike.

Samsung girls…

Me and Samsung i450. Did not realize she was in the background.

Torch bearer

Exchange of the Olympic torch

She said “Welcome To China!” …

Wanted to start another post for these photos… but what the heck. Let’s put it up all here.

This was the roadshow Samsung held in KLCC

I saw a lot of new models thats yet to be released. Very nice…

Got 2 of the girls to pose for me. One of them was my colleagues friend so it was easier to approach. Hehe.
Ale… my climbing friend.


Haha… sorry… I need head count. 😛


Olympic Torch Relay – Malaysia

Yup. I was balancing myself on the curb at around 4pm yesterday in front of Sungei Wang Plaza awaiting the arrival of the Olympic Torch bearer. Though the sun hid itself among the cloudy skies but the heat was definitely there. Throw in a hundred plus people seasoning it with a group of adrenaline pumped cheerleaders in tights, not to mention the Samsung roadshow DJ working up the crowd, one would expect a little bit of havoc. A 3 lane road became single lane with the crowd edging and pushing themselves forward to get a better glimpse or clearer shot of the Olympic convoy.

The traffic police came first. Revving their bikes and honking, trying to force their way through the congested lane, just like Moses trying to create a path through the sea. But there are some spectators who complained that their attitude were too brutish as they just sped along the curb lines, very very close to us. At that moment they seem to be wishing that they could clip and trip any of us. Not friendly at all.

When the convoy finally arrived, it was a dozen of them on bicycles. Everything just went by very very fast. More waiting before the real torch bearer came. I nearly missed him as he was surrounded or rather hounded by a large group. Did not manage to get a nice shot.

Would really love to leave you all with some pictures here, but the Sony driver don’t seem to be working on my Windows 2000. Will have to enlist YF’s help when she gets back. And they are coming back tonight. Yippie.

Media Samsung i450 Technology

What the 12th did to me

What a weekend it had been. I was running around and meeting loads of people, which has been something that I have not done in a long time.
My Saturday schedule started early in the morning with some chores… wash clothes. Then I went and did some climbing in Summit alone… for two hours. Got back home, clean up and off I go for the BlogMob Event, a brainchild of Mobile World Mag + Samsung Malaysia. Was worried that I would be late as traffic seemed to be building up. The event was in Izzi, KL a restaurant in the Lot10 – Sg. Wang vicinity scheduled to start at 3.00pm. Har… turns out I was just in time and I plunked myself beside Jun Yan and John after I briefly introduced myself. My first two blogger friends.

We were then ushered to another area, with a more relaxed ambiance. Low lights and lounge sofas. Yes, there was food. I skipped breakfast and lunch so at 3 o’clock I was hungry. Had a few glasses of Coke and some finger food, with constant clicks and flashes of camera momentarily blinding me. I zip my way around whenever possible to avoid them. But the small space do not allow me. Haha… after a while I got used to it. Kash of Mobile World attended to each and everyone and it made the whole scene warmer. Met and introduced myself to most of the bloggers there. Initially I asked a friend to accompany and when that failed I invited my brother and gf and friend to tag along. Luckily they left me high and dry and that allowed me to move around and mingled freely. Hehe… Was half expecting to meet people in shirts and ties and nicely pressed suits. Freaky. Managed to speak to a whole lot of the organizers and bloggers.

The event started with a brief stand up introduction and with my choice seating… which was beside the beverage counter… made me an obvious choice to start with. I blabbered a bit about me and yeah, Amy, I am also left handed. Five. But the real one thing that they did not know about me at that precise moment, I was worried that no one was going to take my clean clothes in. After everyone, that includes the organizers, had introduced themselves, and vroom, off we went with Kash shifting gears and steering us to the main reason why we were there. The bloody cool phones. Have been aching to get my hands on them for nearly 3 weeks plus.

Reds for Samsung i550 and Blacks for Samsung i450.
I got myself an 8 of spades so I get to wrap my lecherous fingers around the sleek tight body of Samsung’s new i450 phone. And being my very first (and probably last time) getting a chance like this, I was feeling ecstatic. Never had I, had in my possession a brag worthy piece of technology. Not that I love boasting anyway. But hey getting the privilege to do it once a while seems cool. Kash continued to talk after that but the attention was sitting cosily in my palm so all his words was going in left and coming out right. Slide shows and presentation followed and blink… we were back to our phones. Checking out the functions, asking questions and being attended to every whims and raised brows.

More mingling, drinks, discussions and camwhoring and soon it was time to go. Did not manage to get a photo taken with each and everyone of the bloggers which I hope could be redeemed in a month’s time. I gobbled some more pizzas and eggs before I made my exit.

Went to PC Fair to clarify some questions and dinner in Desa Petaling with a buddy then home I went. Showed to my housemate, which she shamelessly camwhored a dozen plus pictures. Thought of staying home to play with my NEW TOYS but decided to join Rachel and friends for a drink in The Curve. German beer is smooth. I ordered the lightest in the menu. Shot a picture of them with the new Samsung i450 before I left. More reasons for me to lug around my camera and to mix with bigger crowds, ya.

Haha… Food4Thot, if you are still reading this, yes I purposely left you out till the ending. Were you cursing under your breath, why this little ingrate jerk did not tell the world that it was you who opened this little window so that I could get my dirty paws on a brand new Samsung phone?
Hugs… hehe… thank you my dear friend.

Yes, my housemate managed to take in my clothes but it was after the rain ravaged them. And no, I did not put them back in the washing machine. Mr. Matahari got to work on them the next morning and I am wearing them now as I am typing this. Eee…

Media Personal

Off to Gunung Kutu and …

Tomorrow is a holiday so am planning to tag along for some hiking near Fraser’s Hill. Not much details has been acquired from my friend but saw some pictures when I googled for it. Kutu literally means “ticks”. Let’s hope the place itself is not infested with them. Planning to sleep early tonight as I have to gather at my friend’s place at 6am in the morning. A climbing buddy told me there is a large boulder in Gunung Kutu so I will be checking it out, in case they wanted to go over for some climbing project. Yeah…

Here is some ranting. You can choose to stop reading.

Oh and the list of cabinet ministers has been announced and it seems a long serving minister was left out of it. It’s time really.

And the market, especially those luxury stuffs are having some setbacks over the week it seems, right after the shocking election results. People in the custom made jewelery said that they have practically been swapping at flies ever since the election when a few days before the polling, a Datin actually came in making some RM160k purchase in cash. Normally one would swipe it with cards, but this particular Datin (her Datuk, suspected to be a candidate judging by her phone calls) chose to pay in huge amount of cash. The staffs hand stunk with the smell of Ringgit after counting and recounting the amount. Who would withdraw or stash such a huge amount of cash and go shopping with it? Fishy stuff. Maybe trying to get rid of some evidence? Who knows. Time to look for job guys.

It seems that people in the automotive industry are getting hit badly too, namely Mercedes, BMW… bla bla bla people. Ask any of them and the answer would be baddddddddddddd… Most of the shitheads might be hiding under their blankets too scared to go shopping for new wheels. There was one who came out and went home and died of heart attack, just three days after the election results. What a great escape for the pond scum. No respect even though he is six feet under now. Would love to see his ass hauled to prison or to be involved in court dramas. Damn.

Somehow I find it a little hard to believe and even funny to hear a statement stating that being a backbencher is what was desired all along and no intention in being included in the cabinet all along. It’s like force feeding the public dried cow dung. Sometimes they think that we really have shit for brains. Not this time.

Media Personal

Dong Dong Chiang

Been so up in the clouds lately with the holiday season round the corner. Nah… been a little busy at work and lazy of course.

Am having a holiday tomorrow for I work in KL area. Yippie… and I will be on leave for the Lunar New Year till the 12th of February and am definitely dragging my overslept and overfed ass back to work on the eve of Valentines. My New Year is always the same.
First day – temple, go to my Mum’s mum’s house after lunch
Second day – spend a night there and leave after lunch, dinner with my dad’s side
Third day – eat, sleep, tv, talk – repeat
Fourth day – repeat third day and goes on

I don’t like to go visiting. Hate the idea of repeating the same things to the aunties, uncles and friends. All we talk is about the weather, work, marriage bla bla and bla. When all is said and done, lingering moments will be focused on the TV showing bloody old reruns of decade old movies. Even if it’s new, it would suck. After littering their floor with crumbs of tidbits and a growing mountain of can/box drinks, we pat our booty and leave. Oh yeah… not forgetting getting well deserved red packets. This is the time where the cheeky/funny/stale comments comes in eg. Hope next year you will be handing out red packets or something similar. Give a deadpan remark and just muster up a curve. Leave and don’t look back.

But I enjoy the holidays though, as this will be the time that I get to hang around home for longer than 2 days. I missed home cooked food and I get to once again annoy the shit out of my siblings. Reliving a little of the good o’ days. Can’t think of much now for my mind is occupied with the lazing days ahead. Oh geez… I will be organizing… I mean my housemates and I will be having a BBQ for a group of 20 plus. Tomorrow will be a busy day for all of us. From getting our breakfast to shopping for stuff, cleaning, preparation and having fun. Let’s hope it don’t rain and the neighbours don’t complain too much. Especially the newly wed pricks. Here is a middle finger to them first… just in case.

Speaking of vulgarity… have any of you caught wind of some young asian celebrities sex romp scandal? I shall not elaborate on my blog but you guys can check it out at the links below. Hell… let’s name names. It’s leading actor is Edison Chen while there are nearly two handfuls of supporting actresses. The ones shown are Gillian Chung and Bobo. Rumors have it that Jolin Tsai, Elva, Maggie Q and Cecilia Chung are also involved. What a way to “ush ush”er in the New Year. But anyway I don’t think it will affect them for too long. In this case… the photos. Can’t say the same for videos though. Just wait and see.

Warning : Definitely NFSW materials.
Source 1 | Source 2

Media Music

Andy McKee Fingers His Way Up

Are you laid back on your chair? Don’t get too comfortable yet as I am sure you will slouch forward for a better look. Just watch Andy McKee play with your eyes wide open. Blast those speakers/headphones and leave the mouth ajar.


More about Andy’s phenomenal presence online at BillingsGazette

He plays the fingerstyle guitar, that I am quite certain but the mixture of the thumping and tapping and all… I am not so sure what they call it. Awaits enlightenment. Further reading told me that its called Percussive fingerstyle. There’s a duo that plays like this too who have been my fave acoustic players since last year. Will post them on Friday.

Andy is here to welcome the announcement of a new gazetted public holiday for Kuala Lumpur tomorrow. Encore!


Charmaine Sheh – Niu Spring Concert

Miss Charmaine Sheh is going over to Niu Ze Xui on the 27th January 2008. Event starts at 7.30pm but I bet you that the place will be swarmed. Morons will be parking on the yellow line thus turning the road into a single lane. It will be awfully congested that’s for sure. I think I will walk there since my house is several stone throws away only. Maybe some hardcore fans would want to camp out. There is a plot of abandoned land beside NZX. Can consider… Haha…

Stole this picture from *snicker*
I am an excited little puppy.

Oh… there are other artists also. Nearly forgot.