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Ohaiyo Che-san

Calvin | 1/2 of bombed me with some photos of him in Japan. No details though just some photo caption. Will get him to update on this when I get him. Here’s his “kawaii” adventure in Japan. Bet he had a “yamate” good time.

The tix.

With Singo from T19 crew.

Singo’s ride.

Massan from MashSF crew.

John Igei from MashSF crew.

Garrett Chow from MashSF crew.

Massan’s ride.

Garrett’s ride.

Ken of Hectic Japan Crew.

DeMarco of MashSF.

Seem to be having a blast from the way he pose for pics. Tak nampak mata sial.

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HKFixed Halloween Alleycat Race Pictures!

Boo… Haa!
When I opened my email yesterday night, was kinda surprised that Calvin of HKFixed managed to send me stills from their escapade so soon. It’s a total of nine (9) big ass jpeg files. So here goes…

Spokecards – Scroll down to know what it is.
Shot for South China Morning Post

TV Interview by Modern Gonzo

Calvin poses for a photo

Let the race begin

One of the checkpoints – White Stag Bar

After the race…

The winner, Brian!!! (Founder of HKFixed)

Thanks, Bro. There might be more on HKFixed Official Site.

I had no idea what spokecards were and made a search. Taken from Cherokee Spokespeople :
“Spokecards are laminated cards that can be held in place by the spokes of a bicycle wheel, which bike messengers create as souvenirs for bike races and other messenger events.”

How it’s used. Cool idea of getting your message across huh.
Taken from Cherokee Spokespeople site – Albany photo by Seng Chen

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HKFixed is having a Halloween Alleycat Race!

Got tipped off by Calvin of that they will be organizing a Halloween Alleycat race on October 31st 2007. Damn, it sure makes my adrenaline goes up a little. In order to not miss out on this event, I had already asked Calvin to snap some pictures of the whole event. Bet you that it’s gonna be exciting. Racing through the walkways at night and having to reach 6 checkpoints and completing the task like finding a person and doing push ups. Or buying someone else beer. Loads more.
Go check out their official site to know more
Currently there are only 10 participants, so if you happen to be in Hong Kong or Macau why not join in. Hehe…

And last but not least, Calvin here’s a belated birthday shoutout. Happy Birthday bro!

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HKFixed : Scans from MILK… supposedly

This is a follow up of my previous Hong Kong Fixed Gear Crew : HKFixed blog post.
After much bugging, Calvin Che from finally sends me the much awaited scanned images. It seems that a popular Hong Kong lifestyle/fashion magazine MILK got them for an interview. I am unable to read chinese, only simple characters so you are on your own.

Click the for larger image.

Ok. If you are looking at the red shoes and wondering why would he be folding up one side of his jeans… it’s because he don’t want it to get stuck in the chainwheel and getting oil on it too. Right Cal?
Cheers HKFixed!

Check this out :
HKFixed The Official Site

See also the anatomy of a bicycle. Image taken from City of Toronto website.


Hong Kong Fixed Gear Crew : HKFixed

I know how to ride a bicycle. I know how to brake. But I know nothing about fixed bikes. Calvin (in white), a buddy of mine co-founded the HKFixed outfit with founder Brian in Hong Kong and this is an excerpt from the site for the curious cats :

what is fixie?
fixie is short for “fixed gear,” meaning the rear wheel and the pedals are connected through a single gear anchored to the rear wheel. Unlike standard road bikes, there is no way to coast, there is only one gear and brakes are optional. Simply put, when the wheels are moving, the rider’s legs are moving. As with a child’s Big Wheel, if you want to stop, you have to use your leg muscles to slow the bike. Many riders, but not all, add a front brake, but the pure and brave of heart scoff at the notion. Oddly, when this configuration was first introduced in the late 19th century, it was known as a “safety bicycle,” since it replaced the “high wheel”

Calvin’s ride. Manisnya.

Thirst for more? Go check out their website which has links to their blog, product trade, bike gallery (though only 4 but am sure it will grow out of proportion soon) and other sweet info. There’s a cute fanny bag too, bet it’s expensive. And I see some way out messenger bags in their blog too. Yummy.

Check this out :
HKFixed The Official Site
Simple how-to get your own fixed bike
HKFixed in the spotlight

All these bicycles reminds me of an old movie, Quicksilver.

Note : Cla check this out since you are itching to have a bike of your own. Wish I had the money to build myself one of these baby.

Friends Toys

Wedding Unazukins

Finally one of my friend got hold of a pair of Unazukins as a wedding present. Direct from Japan. How appropriate. Ain’t it cute. Hoyoyi told me she got one too. An Unazukinn bride mobile hanger. Anyone else?

Check older Unazukin post :
Let Unazukin Decide For You
More Unazukin and Miniature Toys

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Tagged by Ericca

Just got back from Muar and it seems I got tagged by Ericca. It’s a first for me so why not… Here goes:

Instructions :
Remove the first Blog and add your own blog last!

1. Bokjae
2. Keeyit
3. Something is Happenin’
4. Magicland
5. Abnerd

Q1. What were you doing 10 years ago?
Just got out from secondary school doing part time work and getting ready for art college.

Q2. What were you doing 1 Year ago?
Working, climbing, eating and sleeping

Q3. What are 5 snacks you enjoy?
M&M, bitter choc, rounded baby biscuit, dahfa fish snack and lately Chipster manage to get on the list.

Q4. What are 5 songs you know the lyrics to?
I kinda forget them now.

Q5. 5 things you would do if you are a Millionare?
Mmm… havent given it a thought. No point wasting bandwidth now.

Q6. 5 Bad habits?
Procastination, lazy, temperamental, crazy and annoying

Q7. 5 things you like to do?
Good movies+ songs, talk to friends, climbing with friends, being with Moon and being outdoors

Q8. 5 Favourite Toys?
Computer, camera, bla, bla and rabbit is a toy?

Q9. 5 things you would never wear?
Never say never. So…

Q10. 5 things you hate to do?
Being with people who annoys more than me, eating lousy food, entertaining brainless rude people, stuck in a jam, doing repeat work and getting sick.

Lastly, tagging others. Don’t burn me if you did it before ya. You people are the ones I picked randomly off.

1. Qiqichan
2. Hoyoyi
3. Kyife
4. Xyiry
5. Jojoyuki

By the way, my Mum’s mama makes a hell of a wicked yam cake/pudding. The ones that I tasted before pales in comparison. Did not stay there long enough to eat other stuff she makes. 🙁

I am hungry now…

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Go walk walk eat eat with Kyife

Popped over to kyife’s blog and he was raving about Mystyle. According to what he wrote its some voucher redemption thingy. He went to Ryu Men Tei and had loads to eat with pictures to brag about too. Those enticing graphic images no doubt managed to arouse my desire to feast shamelessly at 50%. Haha… So yes, curiosity got the better of me and I clicked to check it out. Well the site is not that fancy but that’s not my main concern. I want my food. Clicked all around and saw some merchants that interest me. KIV a few.

Since my gf happen to be loitering around KLCC on a Friday evening, I figured why don’t we go have some Nandos for dinner followed by New Zealand Natural for dessert. Stuff my face with food as its the weekend. I had the choice of a FREE One 1/4 chicken with rice at Nandos or FREE bottomless soft drink with any chicken meal order. No prize for guessing what I wanted. Wait a minute… since there are both of us, my gf will order another 1/4 chicken so could she redeem a FREE bottomless soft drink too? That would make 1 whole meal for FREE. Will try this out. (Bummer, checked out their Consumer FAQ and I am not allowed to do so. Guessed they figured me out.)
As for dessert, its a Buy 1 Free 1 thing. After reading the FAQ, I am having second thoughts… of whether to have an  ice cream. Mmm…

For your info, the MY111 code is to be used ONCE a year and it costs RM3.50, while the MY365 code could be used all year round with a charge of RM1.50.

Although the FAQ dampen my evil schemes but it still would be a great try. Will update soon.

Art Design Friends

Happy Toilet Project

Was surfing the net and super busy Shawna asked me to visit her blog. Her school, Fajar Secondary School had a Happy Toilet Project where students gave their toilet a complete make over. Different themes are given to each level. A very interesting and cool project indeed. Good job! Images stolen from her site.

Mmm… a bit hard for our toilets. Better forget it to save time and heartache.