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Gorillaz – Plastic Beach

Remember them? They got a new album coming out this 8th of March 2010 called Plastic Beach.

They even have a trailer for the new album, animation and visuals by Jamie Hewlett (co-creator of Tank Girl comic book).

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Former RATMs

If you like Rage Against The Machine (RATM) you might give One Day As A Lion and Street Sweeper a try.

One Day As A Lion is a duo comprising Zack de la Rocha (vocals and keyboards) and Jon Theodore (drums)

Next is Street Sweeper. Spearheaded by Tom Morello, guitar alongside Boots Riley. Since this post is about the ex band members of RATM I would not go in depth about their new collaboration partners. Tom Morello was involved in Audioslave and The Nightwatchman too. Just for your info, The Nightwatchman is a solo act of Tom as an outlet for his political views while playing radio friendly songs with Audioslave. It seems that besides Street Sweeper he is coming up with Freedom Fighter Orchestra. Busy bee he is. Here is Fight! Smash! Win! by Street Sweeper.

Right now, Nine Inch Nails, Jane’s Addiction and Street Sweeper just released 6 exclusive, unreleased tracks for free at NIN/JA

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I’ve Got Ham But I’m Not A Hamster

The chorus just keeps on playing in my head every time I hear this song. Somewhat infectious so I am spreading it on.I’ve Got Rain But I’m Not A Rainbow

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Finley Quaye – Even After All

It’s a Friday with lots of rain. Weekend is coming. Am going somewhere new again. That means am meeting some new people too. Let’s hope it would be enjoyable.
Meanwhile, listen to Finley Quaye. Keywords tagged was chillout, reggae, chill, sunny and indie. Suitable for rainy working days, Sunday afternoons or when you are the receiving end of a bong.
Need lyrics? Finley Qualey – Even After All


Knock Knock No One’s There

Chattering and laughters boomed from the customer service department as I walked in. That is the only area buzzing with activities on a Monday morning. A handful of racketeers has already huddled together trading stories and opinions. Ignored them. My smart ass remarks will come later, after I get some breakfast, and it was Cantonese-style Yee Mee and Deep Fried Spring Roll today. Never laid a finger on the Tapioca Pudding/Cake. Never tried. It just don’t look friendly enough to be introduced to my system.

Planted myself with a loud bang against the partition and eyes darted in my direction. A weak smile and started poking at my food. The yee mee is a bit on the salty side and I had successfully managed to throw on my plate a compact mess of noodles, it lies there in dead calmness. Just like how a dead talapia would look, baking itself in a puddle of murky water, in this case my carrot and spring onion littered gravy. Fished for loose noodle ends from that pool and swallowed. Chewed on the thick mess but gave up soon after. I always kept food wastage at a minimal but today was not that day. So I headed for the bin, picking up the momentum whilst hoping that no one would notice me slamming a plate of noodles down. Two meters away from dump site and my boss appeared. I smiled. Looked happily at my food and poked it once. He went pass soon after a word of morning. Glanced left and right… coast is clear. Slam dunk!

The Score
Abner – 1
Cantonese Yee Mee – 0

New plate. 4 pieces of spring rolls. Re-enact the sit, bang on partition scene and munched. This time my ears cocked up on certain keywords and try piecing the stories they are exchanging. It seems my colleagues are tuned into some mild Tales from the Crypt and are quite excited about it. Well, for the guys that is. Apparently 3 of my colleagues was at work yesterday, a Sunday, from 11am – 3pm… 2 girls (i am being kind here) and a guy. They claimed to have heard noises and one of it being the sound of typing on a keyboard originating from my place or near my place. I sit in the far end of the office corner. It freaked them. The fact that the elevator was going up and down dinging and donging on a Sunday afternoon was not comforting. The last straw came when presence was felt sweeping across the small room. She felt as if someone was leaning inches from her cheek. They decided that they rather get screwed by the boss today.

I noticed that the two girls had puffy eyes today. Wonder if they were kept awake by the incident or …

Anyway, where their story ends is where we began. We add spices. Or one might prefer the word comforting them. Relayed to them that how lucky they were that they do not have printer or photocopy machine in there with them. What in the world would happen if the machines went about working on their own. About ‘them’ crawling out of 15″ monitors and getting stuck when they could choose the new 19″ Dell LCD Flat screens.  Or how your colleague turned out to not be your colleague when they answer your calling by twisting their heads 180 degrees back to talk to you in deep hoarse voices.

It seems that sounds of tapping on the Customer Service glass door with no one in sight is common. Oh and several of us flipped our punch cards to blue which is for the latter part of the month but only to come to work to find it in red. The girls are sure they left it in blue and they were the last to leave the office. I was puzzled today too, to find my card showing the red part. I remembered flipping it to the blue when I left on Friday night. And I was the last few to leave too. I am sure I won’t be the last few to leave today though. It’s still the Hungry Ghost month.

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Moshi Moshi Miyavi

Was rolling around the vast internet wetland and got myself stuck on a particular site that goes by the name Visual Kei. Their latest post is on Miyavi. Am no expert on this genre but it should be categorized as J-Rock. I actually had a brief discussion with my colleague before I made that statement. He is after all a big fan of J-Rock Kingdom and is actively involved in Malaysia’s J-Rock scene. FYI, he plays bass.

He also enlightened me on the term Visual Kei. It is something like what we would coin the Punk. It’s the image+style+attitude thingy. If you paid any attention, you will notice that their make up and hair and dressing is uniquely different. Given on a casual jamming session that is. I bet when they take on the stage, it will be all killer and no filler. No idea what it means, and yeah it came from Sum41. Damn their jamming studio is huge and the video should be a warming up session. Love the solo from the tap dancing fellow. It’s a waste that I can’t load the other videos. They seem to be missing. Am going to give it another listen for today.

PS. My J-Rock mad colleague has already shared his J-Rock collection. Might hold my horses now for I have several independent musicians on my playlist.

7 Samurais Session DVD Part 1 of 9

Watched a few more videos of Miyavi and he seems to adopt the percussive fingerstyle that McKee and Rodrigo Y Gabriela are comfortable in. The video below confirms it. Might sign up for a crash course in J-Rock, just to satisfy my curiosity.

Selfish Love
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Floating is great

Yes that’s how I am feeling now. Empty and light.
Nothing seems to hold me down. Legs feels like jelly.

SlowCatchUpKuan seems like I am a little wee ahead of you in regards of my post. Can you guess where I am heading with this post?

I just want to thank for all the support my friends have been giving me. I have not spoken to my brothers about this. Hope they will understand my delay.
Even the words I type are coming off wrong. Have to keep deleting and pausing.
Incidentally the post I was about to make today is the rebirth of Matchbox 20 and their new single, These Hard Times from the album Exile on Mainstream. Enjoy.

MTV on YouTube

Download the MP3

Wish I was one of the balloon right now.
With due respect to all my friends, sorry if I was blunt or rude or uncooperative during this period. I leave you now with These Hard Times lyrics.

Morning falls like rain into the city life
There goes another night
Losing my breath in waves
Knowing that ever crash is bleading the hourglass
And taking the strife from all our lives

Everyone keeps talking
They promise you everything
But they don’t mean anything

We may loose our focus
There’s just too many words
We’re never meant to learn
And we don’t feel so alive

So goodbye, these days are gone
And we can’t keep holding on
When all we need is some relief
Through these hard times
Through these hard times

Move your hands in circles
Keeping me hypnotized
The power behind your eyes
Move around your bedroom cursing the naked sky
You should be here tonight
But you stay alone and cry

Say goodbye, these days are gone
And we can’t keep holding on
When all we need is some relief
Through these hard times
(whoa) There’s something missing
(Oh whoa) You’ll never feel it but you
(Oh whoa) You’re gonna feel it when it’s gone
When it’s gone

Say goodbye, these days are gone
And we can’t keep holding on
When all we need is some relief
Through these hard times
(hey) these Hard times
(oh no now) Hard times
Hard times

Say goodbye, these days are gone
Say goodbye, these days are gone
These days are gone


Booting Up the IT Crowd

Had a freakin’ good laugh before Sponkers laptop died on us. We were in Old Town when he decided to share with us an original UK series. Rarely watch UK series for the US and A’s tv series are far more popular here. So there we were… gf and me huddled together in front of the laptop sharing an ear piece each. Slowly we spiraled into the silly and wacky world of IT Crowd. The show pokes fun at IT department and the ones surrounding them. The first few minutes already had me chuckling.
Only managed to watch half of second episode of Season 1. Am looking forward to it, hopefully this coming week. *hahaha*
Ok, here’s a small part of the show from YouTube. Give it a try before you succumb to the power of British sitcom.

The IT Crowd – Yesterday’s Jam

The US and A people were suppose to come up with their own IT Crowd TV remake slated for 2008/2009.


Clean Your Monitor

This is for dog lovers only. For some might feel that it’s icky and yucky. You have been warned.

Clean My Monitor Now

If you download it, it will be a fullscreen thing. To download, right click and Save Link As…

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Rodrigo Y Gabriela

They used to be in a heavy metal band together. Now it’s just down to two of them. If remembered correctly they went to to play in the streets and somehow managed to get to play with Damian Rice. And the rest is history. Will update if I have the chance.


How was it? Ready for more adrenaline rush from acoustic guitar?