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Time for Picnik

No no no. It’s not the time for going outdoors and having sandwiches and finger foods with family and friends. Although one can see floating kites, picking blackberries, buttering sandwiches, stealing picnic baskets, fluffing clouds while waiting for Picnik to load.Those of you who blogs in the office without a photo editing software will definitely need to bookmark this. Seriously. Because Picnik will save you a lot of hassles and headache. And you could do it anywhere… it’s an online photo editor.

Quote from their site:
“With Picnik you can quickly edit all your online photos from one place. It’s the easiest way on the Web to fix underexposed photos, remove red-eye, or apply effects to your photos.”

I have tried their online demo and it works great. Upload your photo and tweak all you want. Choose from a horde of effects. And they are still in Beta Version. So expect loads to come. They could perhaps add a text button too.

See : Picnik – edit photos the easy way, online in your browser

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When you care enough to hit send

I was never a big fan of ecards. Most looked boring and quite pointless to me. Seem to me they all are shouting look at me, click me to go to my site or something. Bah… such insincerity huh. And the text are lame. Or not lame enough.

Alas, I stumbled upon an pure ecard site called someecards. The card designs are illustrated with victorian figures, japanese, english bla bla bla plastered witty taglines. Smart, funny, provoking with hints of sarcasm too. The have a whole list of categories for you to choose from too, from apology to flirting to wedding and sympathy. Go and have some fun…

Oh and Happy 50th Birthday Malaysia! Would have send you an ecard if I knew where to address it to.

See : Someecards – when you care enough to hit send

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Found this after reading a write up by Paul R. La Monica (editor of in his article titled “Searching for the next South Park.”

Went over to their site, Their tagline was The Home of Animation. No prize for guessing what’s in store. At aniBoom you could use their free online softwares to create your own animation shorts with either shapeshifter – uses basic geometric shapes to draw or micro-smotion – uses the webcam to animate. Apart from that you could watch loads of animation uploaded by public. They have their own in-house animated series and other cool sections too.

In aniBoom’s FAQ section about themselves : is designed to be the world’s leading animation portal. Interactive and user generated – the ultimate site for animation based Internet entertainment. Geared for everyone in the animation industry. From top professionals to semi-professionals, amateur animators and of course all animation fans everywhere – for where would we be without an adoring audience? will be the community site for the entire animation society, enabling instant online connection with one another. The major functions of the portal include providing a gigantic SHOWCASE for animation talents, supplying ONLINE creative animation tools, and tracking your statistics. will keep you updated on all animation related Media events. And last but absolutely not least… will be jam-packed with exciting competitions offering generous PRIZES. As soon as one finishes, the next one will begin.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Sounds interesting? I might have a go at the shapeshifter thing when I am free simply because I don’t own a webcam. Boohoo…

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Happy Toilet Project

Was surfing the net and super busy Shawna asked me to visit her blog. Her school, Fajar Secondary School had a Happy Toilet Project where students gave their toilet a complete make over. Different themes are given to each level. A very interesting and cool project indeed. Good job! Images stolen from her site.

Mmm… a bit hard for our toilets. Better forget it to save time and heartache.

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Cocoa Jambo

The past weeks was hectic so I did not manage to do any postings.

Here’s something to share. Any idea what it is?

Chocolates! Amazing huh.

Its actually an opening exhibition theme for 21_21 Design Sight gallery in Tokyo.

Quoted from
Thirty designers, artists and photographers plunge into our peculiar relationship with this sticky stimulant, using an array of differing media.

Here you get to see them communicating through chocolate as their medium. Yummy…
Check out the shapes and sizes they come in. Would love to some melting in my mouth. Hope they come in dark chocolate.

Cocoa Power!

Design Movie


The dysfunctional family is here… in a matter of hours. Its going to be screened in Malaysia on the 26th of July, a day ahead of US and A. Many are said to be awaiting its arrival patiently. Although some “overly passionate fans” forcefully invited Homer into their house, which caused quite a stir nationwide.


There is a better way to be a part of the family and you can do this at
Tonnes of stuff lying around. Games… And its fully animated… D’oh! You can try creating your own Simpson’s avatar. The one looking out of place is me. Have a go and create one if you have time. 🙂


While I was reading up on some early beginnings of The Simpsons at Wikipedia, I found this. Their first appearance on Tracey Ullman Show. Wow.


So are you going to be the first few to catch it in the movies?

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Rise of the G7

It has been many years since I got hold of a camera and snap away. Come to think of it, I have never really snapped away as much as I wanted to. During my third semester of my studies, my Photography lessons earned me a D+. Which is bad. Most of the time I have to drag myself to accomplish this feat. There were several reasons for my achievement.
1. I feel weird performing contortions in public all in the name of getting a good shot.
2. Developing films were expensive.
3. My lack of confidence of getting a good shot does not help.
4. Never really understood the meaning and functions of aperture, focal point, shutter speed and stuff.
5. It did not intrigues me, was doing it for the sake of getting it done. Assignments.

Alas, something took me over and I recently purchased a brand new digital camera. A Canon G7. It’s fun taking photos now. Having a favourite subject matter helps a lot. Am still in the midst of learning how to use it. My previous blog was filled with letters… hopefully now I could save on a few hundred thousand words or more. Yeah baby!

The Tool.

The first assignment was taking photos in Cameron Highlands. Will compile a few photos to be posted.
Will also show you what I have learned about this camera too. Yes, I am noob when it comes to this.
As a matter a fact, a lot of things. Hmm.