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Star Wars Action Figure Collection

Saw this while waiting for my rendang and would be best to share with you his Star Wars Collection, in pixel format!

In the words of Joshua Budich :
“I’m a voracious collector, mostly of toys, and namely Star Wars action-figures. To commemorate the recent completion of my collection, I undertook this huge illustration project, not only to take stock in what I had, but also to share some of my joy of collecting with others.

Let me know what you think. Thanks!”

Well, I let you know what I think Joshua… it’s f*cking crazy. I am not a huge fan of Star Wars but your work and dedication truly amazes me. For those of you who collects Star Wars toys, head over to his site and check out his collection. I could only identify a few of the characters in pixel (less than 5) . How many can you recognize? Good luck straining your eyes…
Delve into his root of madness if you want to understand why he did what he did over some molded plastic.

(via LCS)

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Sites That I Don’t Understand But Enjoy – Art on a Japan Rice Field

Got this interesting forwarded email. Rice Field Art. The images intrigued me to find out more. Main reason was the skepticism in me thinking it might be a hoax (like the fake egg thing) and being a big ass rice lover made me look even more. A few of it looks like Photoshop aided result. Boy, was I in for a surprise. Found out the site that keeps track of this art/food project and I was amazed. The Japanese made the process of growing rice seems fun. ( said that these guys have different designs every year and the effects are of different sort of rice. Yes, pity that it lasts for a few months at best. Here have a look at some of the field art. Click on the pictures to see the progress.

I call this “Wave” for I don’t read Japanese.

I call this “Monk and Topless Woman” for I don’t read Japanese.

I call this “Thunder God and Wind God” for I don’t read Japanese.

I call this “The Couple” for I don’t read Japanese.

It’s kind of similar to the Crop Circles but instead of stepping/killing crops, the Japanese grows them. Which is a more time consuming but interesting process. Growing art. Psst… they even have a Mona Lisa rice art too.

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Savage Chicken – Funnies on Sticky Notes

Head over to Savage Chicken playground for Doug Savage.
His humble beginnings told :
“When I was a kid, I drew cartoons all the time. I drew cows and alligators and pigs and superheroes. I drew a platypus named Ed. I drew a dead dog named Dead Dog Bob. I drew everything I saw and everything I wanted to see.Many years passed. By a strange series of coincidences, I found myself working in an office. The more I used a keyboard, the worse my penmanship became. The constant hum of computers made my brain twitch. That’s when I stopped drawing cartoons.

Then the chickens came.

Like some sort of haunting supernatural force, the chickens bubbled up from the ol’ subconscious mind. In a trance-like state, I drew them on office whiteboards. I drew them in notebooks. I drew them on anything that sat still long enough. People started asking, “Who’s drawing those damn chicken cartoons everywhere?

The chickens were unstoppable. To retain my sanity, all I could do was grab a stack of sticky notes, and release the Savage Chickens.”

These made me laugh.

He recently won a competition for video animation. See Phantom Mountain. Don’t forget to take a look behind the scenes of how he did it. I love watching the process something was made. Be amazed by looking at Behind The Scenes. Cluck away folks at Certified bird flu free.

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Transformer : Bumblebee Recycled

This is way sick… the way this fellow WonderDasher, did to his recycled packagings. Check out his process. Though its not that detailed but it’s still a good read. Am sure his upcoming projects will be archived in a more descriptive manner. Keep a tab on him. His site is mainly in Chinese but this project has translation.

The final ‘product’ Transformers : Autobots Bumblebee

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New logo for Adobe Photoshop

Drumroll please…

Claps and wolf whistle or do i hear howls of boos and sighs of disbelieve + discontent?
Adobe recently redesigned Photoshop’s logo. And I still can’t believe what I am seeing. Speechless. Best if you head over to this post to read more about it. Honestly, it does not appeal to me at all. Maybe I have seen too much of these effects around. Gosh… I will go roll down the stairs to clear my head. Tata.

Read to believe :
See to double confirm :

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The Anatomy Tattoo Gallery

Permanent ink anyone?
I have none on me but I enjoy looking at tastefully done skin art. But I try not too spend too much time looking at it as it makes me feel uneasy inside after a while. I realized that when I chose it as my design subject back in college. I was researching on it to a point where I was no longer interested in it. Some were just gross. After numerous hours and stares at grotesque permanent epidermis ‘art’ my only response was to finish the damn assignment be it shitty looking or not.

Would love to have a nice one on me but the idea of it drooping and discolouring under layers of flabby skin during my later years always gets to me. And I bet the tattoo artist won’t entertain me by flipping back and stretching my old skin and re-inking my ‘art’. Witnessing some history on shirtless uncles don’t exactly encourages me more.Anyway this anatomy tattoo gallery I found today is way cool. It’s really worth checking out. I particularly like the muscle one shown. Enjoy!

View : Street Anatomy Tattoo Gallery

Oh and I heard that tattoos with godly icons should be always be done above the waist. A friend once told me, that a friend of a friend once did an image of Kuan Yin on his thigh and the moment he walked out of the tattoo parlour to cross the street he got knocked down by a car. Fatal or not I have no idea but talk about instant karma. Stupid decision.

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Huff and Puff – LED Candles

I am amazed. Check out these LED candles that are activated by just blowing on them. Its supposed to be natural looking and even flicker like normal candles. Its solid wax too. Talk about realism. Take a deep breath and blow and it comes on. Do the same to turn it off. No match required. You could choose to have it in blue or the natural yellow flame too.

Which one of you have a big ass lantern for this coming MoonCake festival? You could get one just in time for it and be the talk of the street. You could run and skip and your lantern will still be nice and pretty. But alas, you can’t set dry leaves on fire and burn cockroaches. It would certainly kill the budding arsonist in the young ones.

Click here for more info : Bi-Color LED Blow On-Off Candles on ThinkGeek

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Here comes XKCD and Pictures for Sad Children

Forgot how I managed to unearth these but its hilarious.

See : XKCD – A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.
First off, its XKCD. The work of Randall Munroe, a CNU graduate with a degree in physics. He is aided by Davean (technical friend) and Sarah (proof-read/edit). He sums it up in the headline of what XKCD is in one sentence : A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.
His webcomic days begun when he was going through old math/sketching graph paper notebooks and didn’t want to lose some of the work in them, so he started scanning pages and putting them up on the servers. And everything just follows.
Note to Sponky : You will like this. Freaking funny stuff.

Next is Pictures for Sad Children. And no, its not meant for sad children. It might make them feel worse. John Campbell is the mastermind for this and it is about a bad feeling when you are feeling good and a good feeling when you are feeling bad, he says. And yes, he admitted it himself, it might not be appropriate for sad children. Be warned.

See : Pictures for Sad Children

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Say hello to Keepon

Just a quick post on this. Found it amusing and interesting. Not your normal everyday Mr. Robotic. Meet Keepon, a yellow fellow belonging to the Robots with Rhythm gang. It was designed by a Mr. Hideki Kozima the other half of the BeatBoxs duo.

Keepon dancing to Spoon’s “Don’t You Evah”
Check out the last part where all the robots get their groove on together. Nice watch.

For more info on this research and progress, see : BeatBots

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Disney Mplayer by iRiver

I got this in my email the other day. Guessed a lot of you have seen this but this little charmer enticed me enough to find out more about it. A quick search was made and at first I got an image of a normal mp3 player plastered with a Mickey logo. WTF… wrong channel.
After some random clicking I found Gizmodo, a tech guide site which gives out more details. This high tech Mickey is said to hold 1G of songs and about 3cm in size. Available in black, white, blue , pink and silver.
Concept sketch by iRiver.

It looks kinda cute and cool to me and I dare say quite a number of people would be interested in having one of them. Its like a fashion accessory + tech gadget put together. The Mplayer looks good to me cos I like simplicity of the design. But I am afraid I would break off those ears accidentally.
Alas, from Gizmodo – “Disney commissioned iRiver to make the player for their Hong Kong amusement park and for retail in South Korea, though if sales go well enough iRiver hinted that Mickey might sneak into other regions.” Looks like it might not reach Malaysia just yet. But you could always make a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland don’t you? Or better still to South Korea. More reason to go travelling huh. 🙂

See more pictures at iRiver : Disney Mplayer by iRiver