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Breathe a little

So Ms. Rose has spoken and a few before her too… my uncle and some silent readers.
Updates ya… I seem to talk about my climbs and not much about others lately. I have materials that I want to post about reusable shopping bags that I would like to purchase probably this month.

For now, it would still be climbing related. 4-5 posts related to climbing… is it irking any of you yet? It sure does make me smile if a frown appears between your brow and you bellowing, Oh no not again… not another crappy climb story that I don’t understand! Any of you? Please grace me with your frustration towards my posts. No? None… then here comes another.

Got confirmation that the Summit Roxx will be held on Sunday August 10th… an annual indoor rock climbing competition that I would participate… with a few things in mind. To gauge whether I have improved my climbing, get to climb with a big group of friends or would be friends and also making a fool of myself under the needle stares of the public. I could still feel the flutters of butterflies in my stomach when I first joined the competition. I roped along ML… who recently got married, congratulations again… and we called our team SlowMo, it was a MSN nick I used a few years back. Short of slow motion and I am proud to say that we live up to our name. ML has vowed to never again participate. Though, I do think that she did pretty well… gritting her teeth and trying as hard as she could to complete her routes. It was a mixed team event. Nice…

On the other hand, I shall disclose one little tiny weeny detail. Because that we had to be in the complex very early to register and for briefing of the competition, the toilets were not open. And I have this condition/disease/infection that happens everytime without fail. After the butterflies mighty flapping has died down, my bowels seems to get extra hardworking. The nervousness that had built up in my throat and stomach has now decided to head down south. I feel like taking a bloody dump… either a dump or let the trouser snake spits its venom. I frantically searched high and low for an available washroom. And the horror that strikes me… none was available. All was padlocked. The event was about to start. I ushered ML along and assured her I will join her in a moment. Among the chaos, I managed to slip away… into the much abandoned staircase area. Went up a floor and found those large green dumping containers and I let it rip. Stopped once to check for footsteps. This is where I stained my pants a little. Lucky the material dries up fast. That is my first time and hopefully my last. Hey, I was desperate all right… and I forgot whose hand I shook right after my business.

The coming competition would be my third one and hope that I would do better than the year before. But most of all, is that I have loads of fun. One more month to go and it’s time to do some training. I have been doing so in the park opposite of my house when I felt like it. And also doing some harder climbs in the gym or outdoor. My haste has caused me considerable pain since Monday night… I did not do a proper warm up on my neck and shoulder area… and I think I have hurt the nerves connecting to my head… it hurts like a bitch headache if I tried doing chin ups. The agony. I feel it even if I don’t do chin ups. It comes and goes when least expected. Have to lay off for a while.

I am planning to redpoint a 6B climb on Nanyang wall in Batu Caves. The route is called Indecision. That’s my current project. Will look for a few more 6B routes to try. That’s my current standard. And crap… thinking about the route has got my palms all sweaty again. It’s the little dose of adrenalin that shots through my arteries when images of climbing flashes on by. Have you got your shots of adrenalin today?

Aaa… I can hear the echoes of ale ale in the distant. Sweet.

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A little off-topic on a climbing post, but since you mentioned it in the first paragraph: check out – they have some great reusable bags for shopping. Nice and compact when you’re not using them. I find them to be more convenient than the thick green ones from the supermarkets.

I’m trying to go plastic bag free, too.

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