Booting Up the IT Crowd

Had a freakin’ good laugh before Sponkers laptop died on us. We were in Old Town when he decided to share with us an original UK series. Rarely watch UK series for the US and A’s tv series are far more popular here. So there we were… gf and me huddled together in front of the laptop sharing an ear piece each. Slowly we spiraled into the silly and wacky world of IT Crowd. The show pokes fun at IT department and the ones surrounding them. The first few minutes already had me chuckling.
Only managed to watch half of second episode of Season 1. Am looking forward to it, hopefully this coming week. *hahaha*
Ok, here’s a small part of the show from YouTube. Give it a try before you succumb to the power of British sitcom.

The IT Crowd – Yesterday’s Jam

The US and A people were suppose to come up with their own IT Crowd TV remake slated for 2008/2009.