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BlogMob First Batch

I foresee that in coming weeks, my blog will be quite busy. Cross fingers.
Just found out that I am already listed in the BlogMob site. Although there has been only 5 clicks from it so far. It might be my photo thats driving the mouse away.

What is BlogMob?

BlogMob has been conceptualised by Mobile World as a platform for Samsung to interact with bloggers. It is a long term project with this being the first BlogMob event.

You’re witnessing selected Malaysian bloggers spending one month with a Samsung mobile handsets. They will use them in their daily lives and especially their blogging activities.

On top of the fun of trying out a brand new mobile phone, the bloggers will stand a chance to win prizes at the end of the programme.

How did we come up with the name BlogMob? Well, we think bloggers are a pretty energetic group of people. Their enthusiasm is boundless and together they make up a pretty cool mob, which by the way can also be a short nick for ‘mobile’.

Check out BlogMob

This has been the other thing that’s keeping me excited and helping me get through my personal hard times. I am crawling but I will be fine. My rate of waking up suddenly from my sleep and having my mind wondering about what happen and all the questions has been reduced. Am not going to let the suffocating weight creep back on top of my heart and lungs.