Bin Bin Pen Pen

Found another product that’s interesting. Molded from hard polyethylene, this crumpled beauty would sit nicely with all the perfect, symmetrical objects in your living space. Designed by John Brauer for Essey, Bin Bin, that’s the name for wastebasket, dimension is Ø 331 x 330 mm and available in matt white, black, red and brown. It’s made to look like the contents that it would eventually contain.

As for Pen Pen the pencilholder, it’s a Mini Me version of Bin Bin. Identical replica befitting all surfaces making them extra cooler although standing at only a 10cm height.

If I would have a Bin Bin, I am sure it would be treated horribly and terrorized with flies and would be maggots. My housemates in particular has this habit of leaving their take-away leftovers in the bin. And are always attempting the Uno Stacko concept with a slight diversion from the original. Keep on piling. If the cat had ravaged the remaining Nando’s salad and whatever Peri Peri, having bits and pieces strewn scattered all over the kitchen floor, just sweep it up and put it back on top. The Nescafe spillage? Just leave it to dry. Murder!
Who says girls are supposed to be all clean and tidy. They are expected to be so, most of the time. I have experienced quite a few and am no longer surprised. Guys do get away with it more easily.  Mmm… I should do a Housemate Horror category. I have quite a collection from my decade of sharing a roof with different characters. Mmm… Housemate Horror might be too narrow. Not everything is that bad all the time.

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@ rose
i searched the term for polyethylene and here is what i got.
any of various partially crystalline lightweight thermoplastics (CH2CH2)x that are resistant to chemicals and moisture, have good insulating properties, and are used especially in packaging and insulation

in short it should be some hard plastic. so wet waste is welcome.

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