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Active Furniture : Hanger

Active Furniture is a collaboration project by Cristina Guardiola and Virginia Pol.

Their concept explained.

Active furniture is a collection of three objects which try to keep users physically active by creating new relationships object-user-user-object.

These new relationships are not unidirectional anymore – relationships in which users are the ones who demand from the object and the object obeys.

The pieces of furniture in this collection do anything but facilitate what users want. They force users to perform a physical action in order to make them function. These actions keep users active.

Trying to find a way around the system also implies an effort. In this case, however, it implies a physiological effort.

They have three objects but I am interested to blog about their Hanger. I am sure that I do not need to tell you why.

The Hanger
Placed several meters above the floor, this hanger transforms the wall in a little mountain that needs to be climbed every time users have to get their jacket.

Bye bye pretty manicured nails.

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