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Do you dig Marié Digby?

Well, she was the YouTube phenomenon. Until recently it was revealed that she was actually a signed artist with Hollywood Records. Marié Digby was brought on to the label in year 2005, 18 months before she started making waves in YouTube and eventually the world. It was actually a well executed strategy by the people at the record company. They consulted her what song to cover and even distributed studio quality recording to iTunes and radio stations.
The media giants are already evolving and taking the internet seriously as the younger generation are responding more to YouTube and MySpace compared to radios. I think this could be because it seems that we are connecting directly to the artists rather than going through some already dolled up fully packaged recording artiste. And stumbling upon your own new rising star is so much more exciting than having to read it off some printed materials.
Take a listen to Marié. Go to YouTube for more of her songs.
To me, she is good and talented. Will see how she fares with her own album.

We had our own Karen Kong promoting herself too on Friendster some time back.

And in case you don’t know, Italian Maestro, Pavarotti just passed away. Read it on Yahoo! News.

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Thanks for dropping by 🙂
Heard her song on the radio last Wednesday night. It seems she is invading our shores now. Think it was who aired it.

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