Family Travel

The Taiwan Drama

As I am sitting alone here in the living room looking at Crumbs, can’t help but to listen to my dear bro and dear YF squabbling. Those two fellows are going on a holiday and at 12am, no bags are packed yet. Their flight is 14 hours from now. What’s even more commendable is that they have not gone to a money changer to get some Taiwan Dollar. And being first timers on such a long way from home… they really amazes me. But somehow their last minuteness adds to the excitement. The adrenaline rush thats gradually building up to the moment their airplane takes off. Racing against time to get everything packed will surely ignite their imagination. Well, it works that way for me at least. I would spend a good hour or two wondering what I would be experiencing, which will get me exhilarated and eyes wide shut. Kubrick movie title. Yup.

Suddenly the silence dawns on me. The din those two holidaymakers were making earlier seemed to have died out. Let me steal a look. Hang on.

Reporting in.
YF is busy packing while my brother, the hero is sitting in front of the computer. What audacity. Well he might be doing some research for his trip and all but hey, with me adding spices to the situation, it makes this post more blog worthy. Guess they won’t have time to check on my blog tonight and by the time they are reading this… haha… it’s already published.

My brother just beckoned me over. To see a forwarded email attached with some tattooed puff dragon… damn… and at this hour. It’s confirmed my brother is not doing anything but hey, the efficiency rate is damn high. In under 20minutes they have already packed what they wanted. Bravo!

I am tired. Need to wash up and rest. A full day tomorrow.