Olympic Torch Relay – Malaysia

Yup. I was balancing myself on the curb at around 4pm yesterday in front of Sungei Wang Plaza awaiting the arrival of the Olympic Torch bearer. Though the sun hid itself among the cloudy skies but the heat was definitely there. Throw in a hundred plus people seasoning it with a group of adrenaline pumped cheerleaders in tights, not to mention the Samsung roadshow DJ working up the crowd, one would expect a little bit of havoc. A 3 lane road became single lane with the crowd edging and pushing themselves forward to get a better glimpse or clearer shot of the Olympic convoy.

The traffic police came first. Revving their bikes and honking, trying to force their way through the congested lane, just like Moses trying to create a path through the sea. But there are some spectators who complained that their attitude were too brutish as they just sped along the curb lines, very very close to us. At that moment they seem to be wishing that they could clip and trip any of us. Not friendly at all.

When the convoy finally arrived, it was a dozen of them on bicycles. Everything just went by very very fast. More waiting before the real torch bearer came. I nearly missed him as he was surrounded or rather hounded by a large group. Did not manage to get a nice shot.

Would really love to leave you all with some pictures here, but the Sony driver don’t seem to be working on my Windows 2000. Will have to enlist YF’s help when she gets back. And they are coming back tonight. Yippie.

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