Housemates Wanted

For those of you who are patiently waiting for the follow up to The Third House From The Right, I hope I did get you all a bit more irritated and annoyed with the wait and unrelated posts. Haha… yes I am secretly or rather openly enjoying this. But I do thank you all for the patience and interest. My bro also commented positively on my writing. Ooo. Thanks.

Anyway, honestly I have not yet sat down with the two ex-housemates to get some more details of how they feel after moving out for the third week. Or has it been more than that. One wonders. What’s more, I am now urgently looking for people to be my new housemates. No way am I going to scare any potentials away. Any of you knows friends who are looking for place to stay in Kelana Jaya area? Seriously.

I am now in a situation where SY and I need to fork out extra RM300 next month for the rental. The two fellows have really put us in a bind now. It’s already the 15th and this sucks. Please ask around for me. Nope I am not interested in any dramatic character. I am not in a mood to hear how your back hair, armpit hair, pubic hair or any follicle related matter that stands up. I want a normal housemate. Make it a double.

I am considering to discontinue the post until I find someone new to move in. Yes, I am serious about this-lah.

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