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Got this piece of information from XES’s blog… yeah yeah… it’s a backdated post… haven’t been visiting lots of blogs as regularly as I used to. reborn? Nah… it was never dead. It just went missing. Think it had been a year plus. Anyway with a picture of Huai Bin taking a dump… it’s hard not to take notice. And I do agree with XES if he used a female model instead. I won’t mind. But hey… that’s the Huai Bin I got to know from earlier days. Nope, I do not know him personally but the things that he goes on about in his blog, somehow tells a lot. His escapades. The controversial one. He seemed to put on quite some weight now.

His liking for things sweet are still evident it seems.
Linked him up already. Enjoyable read from time to time.

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I Discovered A Waiter’s Blog

I am so hooked on his blog WaiterRant that I have to read a few of his posts daily over the past week. He is in a phase or should I say evolving from a waiter into a writer. Mmm… that’s not right. He is a writer who waits on table to make ends meet. Er… should be half right. Enjoy his life experiences and his humorous remarks. No… he is not those spitting-into-your-soup type of waiter as far as I know. Been feeding off his blog during my lunch break for the past week. He has been my lunch buddy making me enjoy my polystyrene lunch takeouts and occasionally making me gag myself with muffled chuckles.

Ok… here is one of his post made in January 2007. It’s titled Porn Demon and I hope that the title will entice any of you, you-know-who, to read on to discover his story telling talent. It might not be his best but the title is well, engaging.

Porn Demon
Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

It’s a Thursday night and I’m having a martini at Cafe American. On my way over I walked past The Bistro. It was the first time I’d seen the place since I left. As I peeked though the restaurant’s front window a weird sensation churned in my gut. It was the same feeling I had driving past my boyhood home after my parents sold it and the new owners moved in. I could see the usual wait staff running food and chatting with customers. If anyone saw me they didn’t let on. The Bistro looked busy. It also looked like the dark side of the moon.

“So,” Arthur, the cafe’s bartender says, “You’re not working at the Bistro anymore.”

“How long did it take for that news to travel the waiter grapevine?” I ask.

“About thirty minutes.”

“That fast?”

“No one’s surprised you left,” Arthur says. “They’re just surprised it took so long.”

“No one’s more surprised than me,” I reply, looking into my drink.

“You gotta admit,” Arthur says, “That place has blown through a lot of staff.”

“That’s true about a lot of places,” I reply.

A customer walks up to the bar and asks for a Manhattan. Arthur and I let our conversation hang in the air while he makes the drink. Its a pleasure to watch Arthur work. All his movements are precise and economical. Not a movement or drop is wasted. Arthur passes the cocktail across the bar, rings it up, and hands back the change. A few seconds later he palms his tip off the wooden countertop, grabs a towel, and walks back towards me.

“So whatcha doing now?” Arthur asks, toweling his hands dry.

“Oh,” I reply, “A little bit of this and that.”

“Working in a restaurant?”

“Not yet,” I reply. “But soon.”

“Want to work here?”

“Thanks, but no thanks,” I reply. “I want some of my watering holes to remain sacrosanct.”

“I hear that brother.”

“How’s things with you?” I ask.

“Auditions, auditions, auditions,” Arthur replies, half smiling.

“Any luck?”

“Same old,” Arthur says. “How’s the writing thing going?”

“Harder than I expected,” I say. “But thank God for computers. I can’t imagine typing this all out on a typewriter.”

“Computers are great,” Arthur says. “Until they go wrong.”

“Ain’t that the truth.”

“My old computer was so infested with porn I had to throw it out,” Arthur says.

“No way,” I reply, taking a sip from my martini.

“I’m not kidding.”

“Couldn’t you reformat the hard drive?”

“My ex brother-in-law tried to fix it,” Arthur says, wiping down the bar with his towel. “He’s a computer geek and even he couldn’t do it.”

“What the hell were you looking at?” I ask.

“Nothing illegal,” the bartender says, suddenly defensive.

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HowToons – How To’s In Cartoons

Those of you who love to learn new stuff… or just check out how something is done should really have a look at It’s not your everyday DIY site, where there are just step by step instructions with a photo or two thrown in.
Uh uh… no sir/madam.

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Stereotypist : 50 questions answered

No not the interview boring approach of course. His stick man doodles does it for John Campbell. Perk up your day or get at least some of your questions thats stuck in your mind involving things happening in our universe answered. Or at least shed some lights on them. *cough* No. I am not really serious about that.
Here’s a taste of what you’ll get.



Human Calendar®

I added another new widget in my blog. It’s the *drumroll* Human Calendar *tadaa*
It’s the second baby project of Craig Giffen. His first was the Human Clock.

It’s cool and it’s new. Do check it out if it interests you. There is 4 sizes to choose from.
Here is what Mr. Craig has to say about his calendar models :
All of the “models” are various homogeneous friends of mine who happened to find themselves near my garage between April-July 2007. Granted, most were lured with beer, food, lodging, or in one case…meat. Nearly everyone is from Portland, Oregon with the occasional person from Saipan or Sacramento thrown in for good measure. Some people are in bands, a couple are writers, one person was in an episode of Murder, She Wrote, while another person accidentally murdered Kelly Ripa’s pet sea monkeys when she was 12.

What a bunch of interesting characters.


Update on Entrecard Traffic

Well, got the Entrecard banner up since yesterday morning and my last click from the site itself was at 23:36:08. My total visits is 33. Not bad for a first day. I have my ad running now and so far I have got two clicks from there and about 9 clicks from the Entrecard community. They have their own statistic tools too for you to gauge your site’s presence. Nah… here is what mine look like.

It certainly did increase my traffic. Here’s a snapshot from StatsCounter.

Bought several more ads. Give it a try and see. Drop me a message so I could buy an ad from you ya.


Entrecard – DIY Design and Advertise FOC

Thought of getting your own banner and advertising it on other blogs for free?

Well I did but could not find an easier approach to doing so. All that changed just now when I dropped by Merdurian’s blog. She had just gotten herself an Entrecard. It’s where you can drop your online name card at other Entrecard member’s site. Earn credits through networking like visiting other blogs and dropping your cards. I am still exploring the possibilities with this thing.
She claims that it generates quite some traffic for her. Let me relay my update on that by the end of the day.

My current card. Click.

I have gotten 8 adverts so far. Still low on credits though.


Click Click for Tips

Hola everyone. I have just got a new feature activated in my blog. Any of you noticed? It’s AnswerTips™ developed by

How it works?
Just double click on any words that you prefer. A small pop up will appear with the explanation. It’s an instant dictionary minus the fuss. Click at any words on my blog and tadaa…
Setting up is easy peasy. Interested to have it installed on your blog? Dang… I wish I was getting paid for this. Here goes : Blogger Portal

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Chipster results are out at last!

Finally, the results for the Chipster contest is out and I got the consolation prize. That’s what my gf told me when I was trying to fall asleep on the train. Somewhat of a belated birthday present from Danone ya for the results were released two weeks behind schedule. Will fill you guys in on the prize thingy. As of now, I have not received any email or whatsoever.
Thank you all again for voting and just for kicks, have a look at the other lucky winners.

Bye bye MacBook, bye bye Nokia N95 and bye bye iPod vid. (Hallo tshirt…)


WordPress – How to Embed FLV files

Just found a helpful plugin to display .flv on my blog. It’s another cool addition to having videos on blog without using YouTube. It’s called FLV Embed by Yaosan Yeo. I used it on my Kung Fu Panda post. Easy to use and configure.

The features available are :

  • uses simple, intuitive tags to generate FLV movies for your posts
  • standards compliant: valid XHTML
  • many options are configurable, such as autostart, show/hide control bar, player colour, poster image, full screen button etc.
  • supports text only output for RSS that prompt readers to visit the original post for Flash content
  • supports outputting poster image for RSS if desired
  • accessibility: requires Javascript to display FLV player, but will prompt user to enable Javascript when disabled
  • accessibility: prompt user to download latest Flash player if it is not installed or too old
  • accessibility: no annoying “click to activate” for IE users
  • does not touch your WordPress database at all

How to add it into your blog?
– Download the plugin at FLV Embed site.
– Unzip it and upload to your “wp-content/plugins”
– Activate it in WordPress Plugins admin panel. Done.

How to include it in your post?

That’s all. If you want to do more configuration then go check out the Options available on the site.

Relevant Info:
FLV files as explained on SWF is not the only Flash format. FLV files (Flash Video Files) are a binary file format that delivers “bitmapped” video, limited to one video and one audio stream per file, over the Internet to the Macromedia Flash Player version 7. FLV content may also be associated with SWF files by ActionScript external references. FLV format can also imported into Macromedia Flash Authoring tool. Unlike SWF format, FLV do not have maximum of 16000 frames limitation and ideally for large video file size.