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7 Days In Tonsai

きき : why ah lai never talk one
me : work gua. backlog of 1 week work

Yes folks, that’s the consequences you face for sucking on coconuts while having sea breeze smothering your cheeks and arms, hampered only by occasional vicious but dull mosquitoes… staring blanks out to the sea as far as your eyes can see. Surrounded by enchanting awe bewildering formations of lime stones… it makes you tilt your head so far back that your jaw just opens up slowly… some more sensuous than others. That’s a warning for you. That is Tonsai for you. And that is Tonsai for me, again. Again for 7 straight days.

I have never spent so much time on an island. I believe my dark bronze skin will be a testament of that. I am not even sure I could call it dark bronze. It seemed a bit too much. Haha… will try to avoid being in the sun for now.

I slept well on Friday night, before the departure. The anticipation or excitement was not as strong as the first and Guinness did some work too. Brought 5 bottom, 5 top, 4 boxers and 1 towel. One joker brought like 14 tshirts. God knows how many change of pants he lugged along. Why on earth did he bring such an atrocious amount of clothing one would ponder. At first glance it might be this bozo has no clue about going outdoor. Hello… it’s a climbing trip… not let’s go to Penang makan trip… wake up. But very soon, his motive became obvious, he was there to snag a piece of ass. Really a bad example, especially with him handing down his methods to his “kah cheng”. A girl dragged her suitcase out to Krabi too. That’s a little shocking for the rest of us. Lucky for them the amount of tagging the luggage is very limited. LCCT to Krabi airport, 5 minute walk to private taxi, 5 minute walk to the boat and 15 minute walk to the guesthouse.


Wait let’s rewind a little. *DJ does the sound fx*
Let’s go back to the part where I waited for Rolly Polly and his parents to pick me up. Time check… around 7.30am. Not wanting them to drive all the way in to my place, I walked out to the security post and waited. Finally got the chance to hang out for a while with the personnel there. Been nodding and lifting my hands at them for a long time but never really spoke to them. Made small talk with them and apparently there is a senior citizen who bullshits there every morning. Providing them some pre-breakfast humor. According to the guards, it’s the same old shit, different day only. Just laugh a little won’t hurt anyway. Made the old man feel good. I listened while waiting for the car to arrive. Unfortunately it seems that Rolly has made several wrong turns. He did not leave any breadcrumbs. Soon after the others was calling and messaging me too, concern about where-the-hell-am-i with the where-the-fuck-are-you tone. I decided to walk out to the NZX area to meet them but instead I walked all the way out, nearly reaching the LDP Highway and even contemplating to take a cab when finally they found the right path. Hallelujah. And the angels sing. The monkeys scream. The bulldogs drink. Whatever. I was a little pissed but I felt bad too because they too had their share of morning frustration. Reached the LRT station and thanked auntie and uncle like the well-mannered individual that I am. Time check, nearly 9am.

The rest was already boarding the Air Asia bus. Just in the nick of time. Sat beside Mimi and tried to pick up some Japanese. Observed Jojo who seated adjacent to us. She look excited. Cannot sit still. Put on sunnies, take out headlamp, check batteries, take off sunnies, grab a book, cross her legs, pull curtain, pullback curtain, meddle with the bag, put legs down, put the book back… repeated it till we reached LCCT. It was a funny sight. The rest was behind us happily chattering about climbing in Tonsai, Krabi. Normally I dislike noisy groups while commuting but haha what to do. But still tolerable compared to the girl group that was seated in front of us on the plane. Yes, let’s cut to the in-flight nuisance. The wait at McDonald’s for departure was boring anyway. The girls were all made up. Thick coatings, fake eyelashes, extra large sparkly pupils, strappy kicks, swirly and straight hairdos, body hugging tops, push up bras, mini skirts or short pants, shaved pits and legs… the works yeah. Huddle them together and they are ready to bitch and laugh out loud. A few of them stood for half the flight hunching over the headrest to express their excitement for all to hear. My friend got an eyeful of smooth carrot legs. His eyes lapped up every inch. My seat was not accessible. Damn. It was obvious that the other passengers was clearly annoyed. One went Shut up!!! but it fell on deaf ears. Before it got any worse, we landed.

And so begin the 45 minutes ride in a private taxi to Aonang jetty. Due to Jojo’s pumping adrenaline and high anticipation to rest her foot on the sands of Tonsai, everything from the transfer from airport to jetty and Aonang to Tonsai happened real fast. Soon we found ourselves haggling over rooms at Pasook. Clearly the operators have trouble understanding us. Did a few rounds from room to counter before finally settling down. 400 baht a night shared by 3 person. Although the power are cut off at 6am everyday but it was comfortable enough. We won’t be in the room in the daytime anyway. Naps are taken at Freedom Bar with a cool drink an arm’s length away, cool breeze, crashing of waves, warm hot sun while reggae music lulls you to sleep. The gentle sways of coconut leaves above seems to hypnotize you further. Unbeknown to many, they usually wake up a bit over toasted. But it’s all good.


We actually planned to do some night climbing but we always spent our energy in the day time which practically made us mashed potato at night. At least that was what I felt. I joined the rest for a beer on the first night. The following nights, after a cold shower I would lie down on the bed, knowing mighty well that I will just get on the first bus to dreamland and miss the beer sessions. And I did not even get a single puff that I wanted. Disappointed. I was asleep before 11pm, every day and wake up around 6.30am. Brush up and have a cold shower before heading out for breakfast. I had mine at Chai’s Pyramid Bar during most of my stay. Tried the restaurant at the beachfront once… although it’s buffet and slightly more expensive but the selection does not seem nearly as hearty as Chai’s. I alternate between Muesli with Fresh Fruit and Yoghurt, Tuna Meltz and Grill Cheese and Ham (for this I prefer Ciabatta than Wholemeal). And it was at Chai’s place too that I got possessed as soon as my index finger flipped over the cover. Its been a long time since I laid my hands on graphic novels. I did enjoy Tin Tin a lot a long long time ago. So here I was, all wide eyed and serious, buried deep in Ironman, DareDevil, Steve Rogers aka Captain America, Spiderman… all these fascinating characters in their own executed plots. I looked forward to breakfast everyday… it usually stretched to about 2 and the half hours. I even went back during tea time to finish up Ironman while Lil Person and Ck was scaling up Humanality. But who’s cares? Time was not an issue here. We just do whatever we felt like whenever we wanted to. Aaa… this so far is the most relaxing trip I ever had.

Dinner at Krueythai (definitely spelled wrongly) seldom goes wrong. On the first night I had some grilled barracuda. They even have salmon, tuna and squid too. Although it was fresh and yummy but it was not enough for me at all. Had to order a pad thai to fill me up. Burp. After a few days, dinner time turns to be the best hours to catch up on our daily activities. We traded climbing tales, sharing laughs and weaving a big blanket of gossip. We dine and drank… like small time village head, laughing so hard into the night. The gossip part was fun as each was giving their own version of what they saw and how they perceived the situation. I think 40%, I think success rate 30%, I think 0%… all the debate and opinion just flew across the table followed by roars of laughter with the people that we are talking behind their backs seated few tables in front of us.

As the holiday reaches the end, everyone was proven wrong. We rubbed our eyes, nudged each others in the ribs, unable to believe what was happening as it passes us by. Hand in hand they stroll. After the storm has passed, we turn to each other for a laugh and I resumed to stroke the curves of my Singha with calloused fingers. Yet strangely enough, when light came the next day, everything seemed like normal. No physical action, with the male still executing smooth moves from his manual, which to us might be along the lines like “How to successfully turn your charm on like an Energizer Bunny and Pose on a bouldering wall despite injuring your shoulder.” Being the generous individual that he is, he shares moments of handy tips with a relative who tagged along. A witness of some miraculous phenomena, relative made moves too. But sadly, in his own words and I quote “the ship has left the port a long time ago”

Crap. I just realized I did not mention anything about the climbing there.

Books Friends Music

Moosic and stuff

I am compelled to tell you all that I am having a blast soaking myself in the anarchy of sounds from C-Mon & Kypski, the Static Traveller album. It’s bloody good… and I needed to listen to another different genre anyway. There’s a Japanese album by Piana called Eternal Castle and might download an acoustic Korean album too if I feel like it. A jazz album is in and also Jason Mraz. He got a new single out too, a lovey dovey duet with Colbie Cailat. She was a fan and he roped her in to do “Lucky” together. But I prefer “I’m Yours”… the live version is so much better.
I have upload the second single for you guys to download… Download Jason Mraz – Lucky

Loaded most of the songs into my Samsung. Yes, I had bought the fellow and congrats to both Jun Yan and Lydia for winning their phones. They deserve it.

The 13 3/4 Adrian Mole makes me think of Justin Suarez from Ugly Betty. Especially of him going on and on about his spots. He and the intellectual in him. Not being understood by the world and all. Smarmy imp. Am already into Autumn. One more season to go.

Oh and what is the hell with the Technorati thing. It’s going up and down. Crazy. Can’t be bothered with it anyway.

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Rachel MSN Art Piece

Was trawling through my archives and I stumbled on some drawings done by my friend. She was the only one who used MSN’s drawing function at the time and I thought her drawings are nice and I had no idea that she drew. Mmm… and if she did, she never showed me any. So I just did screen captures of her drawings and the one I am showing dates back to 12th August 2005. The day she drew the most. I like the chick, the prawn and her kicking my head in.

Wonder if she can tell it by first glance it’s her doing… mmm…

Design Friends

No eraser allowed.

Tantrums were thrown. Countless nagging and stalking in the comment area. Every visit to her blog is a nightmare with the black mass staring straight at me… like lasers burning holes right at the back of my skull. Finally I succumbed to it’s demands. Like a slave obeying the cracking of the whip on the already puss filled broken skin rather than the master.

I screwed up the first page. I lacked the confidence and the skill. I sloughed on… focusing on getting it out on pen and paper… breaking away from the shitty mindset.

Yes as dramatic as I can be… I was only about to start a doodle for Qiqi. It’s hard to start. When I finished with the head… my palms were a bit sweaty. Had to stop for a while before continuing. But as soon as the engine warmed up… I just cruised around 30kmph… nothing fast and furious… just like an late afternoon/early evening drive with the windows down.

Now I have some coloring left to do. Am trying to keep it as raw as possible. I am glad that she likes it. My one and only fan. How nice. I enjoyed doing it sis… thanks.

It has some meaning behind it… something I try to inject into my doodles if possible.

This is the black mass I was referring to.

Climb Friends Travel

1½ Hours To New Found Home

Doubt any of you, or most, noticed that I have been gone for a week. A full week off work. Oh… it feels so so nice. Went off to Thailand on a Sunday morning and got back on Friday afternoon. Though it’s only an hour and a half journey away but aaa… I feel so at home. Well, it was actually after 2 days before I felt right at home.

I was in Krabi. On an island where Railay and Tonsai beach are. Surrounded by magnificent formation of limestone with trees stretching out to the clouds. Gentle sea breeze with warm sunshine. Great local food paired with delicious fresh fruit juices for the day and cold smooth refreshing Singha at night. The feeling of waking up to the friendly Sa-wa-dee-kaap of locals and Hi-Hello’s of the foreigners are simply wonderful. Since it is low season now… the crowd is much smaller and recognizing faces are so much easier. After a day in Tonsai beach, we kind of know the people there. Which is the best place to eat, which stalls serves the best pancakes, where to see fireshow, where to get our daily fix of tuna melt and muesli with fresh fruits and yoghurt and even where to huddle together for some tv time while sharing drinks and a joint.

We wasted 2 nights on Railay beach… pardon me but I am a climber so Railay is a definite no no for me. It’s more of a tourist place. Where people go to have a sun tan, walk around on the beach ogling at female and male bodies alike, waiting for sunrise/sunset, wondering what to do after 2 days on the beach… hitting the bars with high hopes of meeting some other intellectual being… yeah I know. It’s their way of unwinding. But for us, climbers, our way of enjoying the views there are being at least 30-40 meters high up while clinging on to some stalactite. Climbing hard and celebrating it with cold beers and great music when the day is over. I am really amazed that they play a whale load of nice music. Really nice ones.

I missed it before I even left my footprints on the island. I missed Tonsai. Will continue when I find time. I got one week of work to catch up. Hoo hoo. Loads of photos to choose to post up. Expect some shameless semi nude ones.


Food Friends Photo Samsung i450

I Have Been Working Late

Yup, been working late and hard and so far no paranormal sightings from me. Not that I am welcoming any. *Touch Wood*

Sorry for not updating lately.
I have been tied up with loads of work. Precisely… freelance work. A sudden influx of work demand just came rushing head on, and I did what I know what I should do. I took it head on of course. So I am kind of juggling several projects at once in a time frame of 2-3 weeks. I have already got the money to buy the Samsung phone. I figured I won’t be able to win it anyway… and the hectic schedule has robbed me of my blogging pleasures. No choice.

Have been using the phone a lot and somehow or rather and I can’t escape the idea of it being some kind of lucky charm or amulet, given the things that are going on lately. Am enjoying it really. Work is tiring as usual but it has took a turn to being fun too. The regular meetings with new clients and all. My housemates are seeing me less and less lately, even on weekends. Though I am sure I am not missed yet. Haha…

Oh and I am picking up reading. Nope… not again. I never had the real habit of reading. But what can I say… I am only on my second book in a period of 2 weeks. Nope… I don’t do it on my normal time. If I have some normal time to spare, I would be blogging. Yup. Honestly. Instead I am reading once I step foot in the LRT compound. Surprisingly, the commuting time seems to fleet by me as I am engrossed and swimming freely in the sea of words. Just freestyle, I can’t do breaststroke, water treading let alone butterfly stroke. The first book was The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom. A 194 Page – #1 New York Times Bestseller. A not so thick and intimidating book that stir up my interest in carry on reading while I take the train home. Together with my i450+Bang & Olufsen sound technology loaded with my current favourite songs, I look forward to my daily commute. Now I am on to my second book, by Mr. John Grisham. The Partner… I am at a chapter where Mr. Patrick S. Lanigan had got himself hauled back to Biloxi and the court drama will ensue. Gripping. Entertaining. Am taking it all in. Delicious. My hunger for good reading material is growing. Food4Thot can I borrow some books to read?

Gotta stop here. Work is beckoning at the top of their lungs.

Here are the bake a cheesecake session. I had a great time there and I just did the easy work. Some manual labor here and there. Best cheesecake I ever had… be it hot or cold. Cold is much better. But I ate 3 pieces when it came out of the oven because I know I would never get to taste hot cheesecake outside.

Ops… I got some photos jumbled. Not in sequence ya. I forgot the term for what I was doing. If not mistaken, Qiqi is folding. Mmm… some help here sis?

It’s obvious we are feigning help.

I like this pic too.

The process had me all wide eyed. Hard. My hand motion is slightly retarded. Again, it’s jumbled. Qiqi doing the honors.

Beautiful. Looking at it, I seem to be able to catch a sweet whiff of seduction.

No wastage. Scrape of what’s left on the butter paper.
Last but not least… exaggeration. Haha…

evil@lai took the pictures, so she was missing. We are looking forward to some shepard pie and hang around till we finish dinner. Early June?

Food Friends

Food and Friends – Part 1

That’s a really good combination if you ask me. And that’s what I was up to most of the weekend. In short, it was a lip smacking weekend. But this post will not have any photos yet because my camera is in Taiwan now and will be back on Tuesday. So I am waiting for my friends to send them over to me. Did I mention that evil@lai was kind enough to let me meddle with her Nikon DSLR. Yeah, it was my first time handling a DSLR for more than 5 minutes. I like the sound of it capturing the moment. *click*

Saturday and Sunday really had me all over the place. The time I spent at home was just to sleep. I was out most of the time and if I was home it was just 30 minutes plus, where I bath before I rushed out again. Everything was scheduled back to back. I was spiritually involved in the KL Freeze which happened yesterday at 8pm if you count sleeping as freezing. Had an early dinner at 6pm and got home before 8. Lay down and just dozed off. I was that tired. I had nearly 12 hours of sleep and guess what I am getting a day off work today too.

I am planning to go check out the Beijing 2008 Olympic Torch Relay : Malaysia which is sponsored by Samsung. Am stringing a friend along for the event. Hope to get some shots down together with my i450 phone. Hope to see some of the BlogMobbers there. But first I am going to bath and then head over the the Income Tax Office to get my password. I forgot mine. And am left with 2 chances of unlocking it. Don’t want to get suspended. Another busy Monday ya.

Happy working!


Tag : 5 Classes To Attend

It’s the holidays and I am all alone at home. Got tagged by SlowCatchUpKuan and why don’t I finish it while listening to
Texas’s Say What You Want on her site. Since 2008 is dawning upon us, here is some classes that I would like to sign up for.

Class #1 – How to Absorb Other People’s Power
Yeah… be like Peter Petrelli from Heroes and obtain their power just by mingling or be near to any of them.

Class #2 – How to Cook Great Tasting Food
I like to eat. I hope I can make some lip smacking ok ok… edible food and enjoy together with my family and friends.

Class #3 – How to Shape Shift
Turn into anyone or anything whenever I want. That would be useful.

Class #4 – How to Find a Magic Lamp
Metamorphically speaking it’s just like getting something I want and trying to make it come true. I need my magic lamp.

Class #5 – How to Learn More New Things
Loads of times that I am excited to learn new things but somehow or rather I am inclined to start. I need a push. I need a kick in my ass to start my motor.

Another lame 5 classes from me. Hope that I graduated from at least one or two classes from the above. Whom shall I tag? I need to scout around. List coming soon.

Friends Photo

Random Pictures

Time for some random pictures I have taken.

Old school – Gas Water Heater… as it’s name suggest. It runs on gas.

Found it on my buddy SWK’s wardrobe. Ooo… I love M.A.S.K. Brings back memories. Me heart.

Never saw a shining KFC sticker spreading dental care info. Might be from the Kid’s Fun Club or something.

Oh and I got these HKFixed stickers a few weeks ago. Brian Fu sent it to me. Thanks man!

If you are interested you might still be able to get some. Check out their blog and email him. There a chance that they still have some in stock. Great to have on a dark background. It stands out beautifully.

Damn… could not get the M.A.S.K off me. So here is the intro I found. I realize I don’t know the song. Not that memorable I guess.


HKFixed on MILK…again

It seems these guys are getting some buzz around town lately. And with the launch of the MASH-SF DVD (documentary on urban fixed gear riding). Calvin just sent me some scans he got from the latest issue of MILK magazine. I did not include huge ass scan files cos I did not see any clicks on the previous ones. If any of you are interested to have them in huge ass files to view, let me know. I will kindly oblige. As for now, here’s the scans in micro size.

And yeah, I got some stickers from Brian of HKFixed through snail mail. Will snap some photos of it when I get my camera back tonight.