Busy downgrading from Vista to XP Pro

Spent quite some time meddling with my lappie.
Decided to downgrade from Windows Vista to Windows XP Pro after mulling over it for a week. My softwares don’t work properly.
Problem is that the XP drivers are hard to come by as manufacturers are beginning to phase out and move ahead without lifting a brow for XP preferred users. One can’t even get required XP drivers on their official websites. I got myself a Compaq V3000 series machine, a 3795TU to be exact. And I have searched high and low on the wide web for the elusive drivers. I breathed a sigh of relief when my colleague sitting opposite of me had bought the same machine and had purchased an original Windows XP version from the HP people. I went for Free Dos as I have to answer to Jack Sparrow’s call of duty, matey! Just doing my part.
Shockingly, it could not work as it’s not compatible or incorrect. And I had to discover that when I have already deleted and started formatting. Weird.

Times like this calls for desperate measures. Luckily I had saved up some links and information for XP downgrade drivers earlier. With the help of my knowledgeable office techie Mr. K, problem was solved. Mr. K really made my day. Thank you so much! A meal is on me bro!

For any of you out there who are getting quite fed up with Vista making you look bad and is considering the downgrade option, I say go for it.
And if you so happen to be an owner of a Compaq 3795 who wants to downgrade from Vista to XP and are facing problem getting all the right drivers, let me know. I can upload them for you.

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Hey Bro!

How have you been? I have not stopped in for a while. I am just catching up with your posts. Hey, post more pictures la instead of blabbering all the time…hahaha…just joking.

Sorry to hear that you have to downgrade. Windows is piece of crap. I have moved away from Windows already. I first tried Linux and then ended up spending too much to time to get the drivers working and some time there is lack of vendor support.

So, I ended getting myself a MacBook Pro. OS X rocks! I am a developer and OS X is the best of both world from both GUI and Operating system point of view. It is a Unix based OS. I can enjoy the nice GUI and plug and play feature without losing my geekiness 🙂

Anyway, I am glad you managed to downgrade it to Windows XP.

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